Beginner's Guide For MLBB Hero Luo Yi, Get Heavy Damage!

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Hero Luo Yi MLBB marks enemy heroes with light and dark marks which trigger additional and quite severe damage. Check out the guide for those of you who are still beginners.

As part of the 515th annual celebration, the hero Luo Yi MLBB, was given to all players who logged into the game on May 16, 2021.

The most interesting part of his kit is his ultimate, Diversion. Different from Arrival, it teleports all allies in a circle to a location he chooses. You can even use it to save your Base and your game.

A Yin Yang Geomancer, MLBB's Luo Yi hero is surprisingly balanced and easy to play, but difficult to master.

Luo Yi MLBB Hero Skill Guide

Passive – Duality

Hero Luo Yi MLBB

Luo Yi MLBB's hero skills make Yin and Yang marks on the battlefield, each lasting up to 6 seconds.

The Yin-Yang reaction occurs whenever two bearers of opposite signs approach each other, dealing 540 (+14*Hero Level), (+140 percent Total Magic Damage) Magic Damage and stuns for 1 second.

Each time he applies a new mark to the bearer of the mark, he gains 300 (+10 Hero Level) (+120 percent Total Magic Damage) shield (caps at 3 stacks) and 30 percent movement speed (decays rapidly in 2 seconds).

Yin/Yang Dispersion

Hero Luo Yi MLBB

Luo Yi MLBB hero emits Yin/Yang energy in a specified direction, spreads on the first hit and deals 230/270/310/350/430 (+100 percent Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the target and enemies behind in a fan-form area, and applies the Mark of Yin/Yang to the affected enemy hero.

Luo Yi gains a stack of Dispersion every 8 seconds / 7.7 seconds / 7.4 seconds / 7.1 seconds / 6.8 seconds / 6.5 seconds, up to 4 stacks. He gains an additional 1 stack each time a Yin-Yang Reaction occurs.

Yin/Yang Rotation

Hero Luo Yi MLBB

MLBB Hero Luo Yi summons Aqua of Yin/Fire of Yang in a designated area, dealing 250/270/290/310/330/350 (+50 percent Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to targets hit and slowing them by 60 percent for 0.5 sec.

Aqua of Yin/Fire of Yang lasts 6s, dealing 50 / 54 / 58 / 62 / 66 / 70 (+10 percent Total Magic Power) Magic Damage every 0.7s, causing a continuous Yin-Yang Reaction with nearby heroes . 

Tips and Tricks for Using Lup Yi MLBB Hero

Hero Luo Yi MLBB

The Luo Yi MLBB hero can be played as a mage or support that deals damage so that the Magic, Mage, or Support emblem sets all function properly. Since the main damage depends on the combo, the cooldown reduction greatly benefits it.

At early levels, full combos won't be able to finish off enemies, so Flame Shot helps add extra damage. A

you know, as a low health mage who needs to stay at medium range to be effective, and on top of not having guaranteed CC, it might be safer to run Flicker.

Though, it still might not save you from death. Assassins like Lancelot who have the ability to dodge spells will stop the Yin/Yang combo.

Even if the assassins were stunned for a moment, they could still continue to attack Luo Yi to kill. Having a tank that knows how to peel is very important for divers.

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A mage who doesn't do burst damage upfront, runs a Glowing Wand to make sure every spell counts.

The extra mana, movement speed, and magic lifesteal of the Ice Queen Wand will also come in handy during battle.

To really take advantage of the Luo Yi MLBB hero trademark, Diversion, it is highly recommended that you play and communicate with your friends together in a team to influence the map, because it is difficult to maximize this skill when playing alone.

Manipulating Yin Yang, triggering Duality consistently and working around his AoE spells were the true marks of a good Luo Yi player.

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That's the VCGamers version of Luo Yi's hero guide to be able to get severe damage against enemies. How, do you have your own version?

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