Best Zilong MLBB Battle Spells and Build Items for 2022

Zilong Epic

To get maximum power on certain heroes, the best battle spells and items are needed. So, here we will provide Zilong build items MLBB best in 2022. Make him unbeatable.

Zilong Mobile Legend is a very strong Assassin/Fighter type hero capable of dealing high burst physical damage in seconds.

He excels at ambushing enemies while greatly reducing their HP using his buffed Basic, these attributes and more make him a dangerous hero against solo laners and dot-life foes. 

In this Mobile Legends article, we will take a look at the best Zilong MLBB battle spells and build items in 2022 to dominate every game with him.

The Best Zilong Build in Mobile Legends

Maybe you have tried many Zilong builds, but nothing is the best. All one needs to do is follow the enemy's choices and then decide on a role on the battlefield. We have prepared the following templates to try as a Zilong build item on the battlefield.

Rapid Boots

Build Zilong

If equipped with retribution, it is recommended to take Rapid Boots and Bless. But if the enemy team already has a jungler, you can go to Exp Lane and choose Warriors Boots (For extra Physical Defense) or Swift Boots (For Extra Attack Speed), depending on the enemy lineup.

Depending on play style, one may choose to take Blade of the Hepetases Seas as it will make it easier to destroy most enemies.

This item is best suited for assassin-like gameplay. Otherwise, one can opt for Endless Battle for extra damage and durability.

Build Zilong can use a boots item called Swift Boots because he will need a high Attack Speed ​​to deal more Damage. So, just try to adjust it to your needs in the game.

Berserker's Fury

Build Zilong

Zilong's Core Build Items like Berserker's Fury and Scarlet Phantom provide Critical Chance, Attack Speed, as well as some additional Physical ATK needed to destroy even durable tanks.

The already high damage build-up with Blade of Despair makes it easier to annihilate enemies even in seconds. 

You may want to get Berserker's Fury. Since he relies on his Basic Attacks to deal damage to his targets, Critical items like Berserker's Fury are the right choice for him.

This item increases Critical Chance, Critical Damage, and Physical Attack, which of course will increase its Damage output.

Endless Battles

Build Zilong

Zilong's passive increases his Basic Attack after using three skills. To increase the bonus damage from his Passive, you can choose Endless Battle because it increases Basic Attack damage after using a skill.

Apart from that, Endless Battle also increases other important attributes for Zilong builds, such as HP, Physical Attack, Physical Lifesteal, Mana Regen, Cooldown Reduction, and Movement Speed.


Build Zilong

Finally, choose Immortality for extra Physical Defense and a Second Chance to destroy dealers with high burst damage.

After you get enough Attack Speed, you can also choose Blade of Despair as the last item to further increase its damage. Blade of Despair increases Physical Attack by 160 points and Movement Speed ​​by 5 percent.

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Battle Spells

Build Zilong

The best Battle Spell choice for Zilong builds is Execute. By using Execute, Zilong can kill his enemies easily because he can use Execute to finish off targets with low HP.

Apart from Execute, Zilong can also choose Flicker as an additional escape tool, because as we know, Zilong doesn't have dash skills to get past obstacles. With Flicker, Zilong can chase his target, or run away from enemies quickly.

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So, those were the best Zilong Mobile Legends builds in 2022 that you can apply to your game. Stay tuned for more gaming info, and be sure to follow VCGamers on Instagram for more interesting news and articles.

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