Wow! Besides Rare, This Arctic Warfare Magnum Weapon Is Very Expensive!

Arctic Warfare Magnum Weapon

Aloha Vicigers! An AWM weapon that has an extension Arctic Warfare Magnum Weapon is said to be the most coveted weapon by players Player Unknown's Battleground or what is commonly called PUBG.

AWM is also known as one snipers enough to kill the world PlayerUnknown's Battleground compared snipers other.

It is known that AWM has the ability one shot one kill, which can kill enemies with just one shot.

This AWM weapon is quite difficult to obtain considering the strength it has snipers this is enough to astonish the players.

Apart from being a bone of contention for several players because damageis high, this Arctic Warfare Magnum Weapon can only be obtained through Airdrop Supply Box and Flare Gun Drop.

Thus, para player trying to get this Arctic Warfare Magnum Weapon in droves.

Arctic Warfare Magnum Weapon Specifications

Of course, weapons that fall into this frightening category have several specifications that can be contested and are no less qualified. 

What are the specifications? Specifications owned by AWM or Arctic Warfare Magnum, among others:

  • It has a weight of 6.5 kg and a barrel length of 660 mm when loaded with bullets (.300 Winchester Magnum)
  • It has a weight of 6.9 kg and a barrel length of 686 mm when loaded (.338 Lapua Magnum) with bipod, stock, and magazines empty
  • Have accuracy damage highest at 105
  •  In accordance with its expertise as a long-range rifle, this AWM has a bullet velocity of 945 m/s
  • Have bolt action with the code L115 which is made by international accuracy from England
  • With mechanism bolt action, AWM is capable of producing a very effective range of 1100 m when using bullets (.300 Winchester Magnums) and 1400 m if using bullets (.338 Lapua Magnum)

Why is this Arctic Warfare Magnum Weapon a Rare Weapon?

The reason is because it has power that can't be doubted, making this weapon a very rare weapon that can only be obtained through Airdrop Supply Box and Flare Gun Drop.

Why did it become like that?     

One of the things that causes this weapon to become rare is because AWM is a special weapon.

There are many things that make this weapon special, such as its excellent accuracy, so PUBG will make this weapon rare.

Arctic Warfare Magnum Weapon has damage which is so high for anyone who finds this gun through Airdrop Supply Box and Flare Gun Drop you will definitely feel happy and relieved.

What Makes AWM One of Player's Favorite Weapons?

AWM weapons can make para player do whatever it takes to get it. if a player getting this Arctic Warfare Magnum Weapon is most likely one person player it will achieve Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, of course, if also equipped with skills the good one.

The thing that makes this AWM weapon loved by players PlayerUnknown's Battleground it's one of them has damage which is very deadly so it will make it easier for the player in defeating the enemy.

Associated with damageits height makes this Arctic Warfare Magnum Weapon save bullets which is one of the things that is liked by the player.

These frugal bullets will have less chambering Backpack used player.

Finally, the thing that makes this weapon become Golden Boy from the players PlayerUnknown's Battleground ie have image which is very scary in the eyes of the enemy. Usually the enemy sees player using this weapon will definitely run away.

How much does the Arctic Warfare Magnum Weapon cost?

Price skins This Arctic Warfare Magnum Weapon is enough to make player shocked. One of skins This AWM can be priced at 10 million rupiah!

Not surprisingly, the price which can be calculated to reach the pocket also offers an increase in the performance to be used.

If you are not one sultan, of course buy skins for AWM weapons is something that should be undone, considering the price that makes it shaking heads of the players PlayerUnknown's Battleground this.

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