Official! The following is the Announcement of the Major Update New State Mobile 2022

New State PUBG Mobile officially announced the latest major update new state mobile in 2022. You can play PUBG Mobile: New State with the latest features and content. In order to support the playing facilities of the players, of course this latest update is quite satisfying compared to last year. The following is a review of the New State Mobile Update.

Latest Content

PUBG New State content

The announcement of the New State Mobile Major Update was announced on Wednesday 09 February 2022. This is definitely an opportunity for players to be more creative and more active in PUBG Mobile: New State.

Latest Mode : Round Match

Round Deathmatch is a new 4v4 deathmatch mode where the first team to win 4 out of 7 rounds wins the match.

  • Both teams will fight in the Arena (First Map and the Map are chosen randomly)
  • Playzone will be restricted from the start of the game and arranged randomly in the middle of the map.
  • In Phase 2, Playzone will be near Medical Kita in the middle of the map.
  • The last team remaining (regardless of their number) wins the round. The first team to win 4 rounds will be crowned the winner of the match
  • Round Deathmatch has the same default weapon presets as Team Deathmatch.
  • At the start of each round, you can select the desired weapon preset.
  • You can also start a round deathmatch each round with 1 grenade, 1 smoke, and 1 flashbang.
  • In addition, Deployable Shield: Wide Type will be prepared at the entrance to the team base.
  • Just like in Battle Royale mode, you will be knocked out when you reach 0 HP instead of dying immediately.
  • If you die, you can watch the gameplay of the surviving team members until the next round.
  • The time needed to revive a knocked-down team member has been reduced to 5 seconds.
  • Groza, AUG, or P90 will appear randomly each round above the Care Pack in the center of the map.

In Round Deathmatch, you can not only practice your gameplay and AIM, but also your moves and position based on the Playzone location.

The announcement of the new state mobile major update is the most memorable among the other updates. Because it's very rare for PUBG New State to make big changes.

The Deathmatch

The announcement of the fourth major new state mobile update is a deathmatch where many changes occur in the gameplay sector (Maps, Weapons, Attachments and so on) and the respawn of opponents.

The Team Deathmatch “Station” map has been changed

  • The map has been expanded to create a variety of situations where players can have a good experience.
  • In addition, routes and objects that are rarely used This update also provides increased protection.
  • Players who die 4 times in a row without killing will be given Lv. 3 helmets and Lv. 3 body armor on next respawn.
  • In this situation, you will receive Lv. 3 body armor in each respawn until you get a kill.

The Team Deathmatch UI has been changed

  • Top screen UI design that displays information.
  • The loading screen will display additional information about allies and opponents.
  • At the end of the match, On the leaderboard the overall match results with allied and opponent kill scores will appear.
  • The pop-up message warning players about consecutive kills has been improved.
  • System messages will now display information about match status and progress.

Added a system message that displays warnings about player activity.

  • Alert when kill streak 5 is reached has been added.
  • The Ace system message will appear when a player reaches 8 and 16 kills in a match.

The equipment method for Deathmatch weapon presets has been improved.

  • Choose a good and correct Attachment. When reselected, it will be deleted immediately.
  • A guide on preset settings has been added to the Team Deathmatch map settings screen.
  • The BP rewards obtained from playing Team Deathmatch have been doubled.
  • You can queue for both Round Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch by selecting both maps under Multiple Options in Map Settings.

New Weapon

Not only new weapons in the announcement of the new state mobile major update, there are several new weapons that can be used by you. The following is a full review of the weapon.

The MP5K is a 9mm SMG that can be equipped with any attachment.

  • The MP5K will appear in Troi, Erangel, and the Training Ground.
  • With easy recoil, the MP5K is very good to use because it has balance in close combat.

The crossbow deals high damage as a silent long-range weapon but has a very low reload speed.

  • The crossbow will appear in Troi, Erangel and the Training Ground.
  • When equipped with arrow special attachments, the reload speed increases by 25%.
  • Bolts will appear on the field and can also be purchased at the Drone Shop.
  • Arrow customization will be revealed in the future

A special reloading feature for the DSR-1 has been added. A feature that will enable the ability to use the DSR-1's backup magazine has been added.

  • Once you've used up 5 bullets, you can reload quickly by using the 5 spare bullets in the spare magazine.
  • You must reload twice to reload both magazines. Tapping [Reload] once will reload the Main Magazines, and tapping [Reload] again will reload the backup Magazines.

Custom Weapons

Not only improvisation regarding weapons with additional damage and adjustments needed at the time of the announcement of the major update, our new state mobile is also presented in Customize weapons. announcement of major update new state mobile

M249 [C2] Ballistic Shield

  • With Ballistic Shield customization, attachable shields will be attached to the left and right sides of the HandGuard.
  • Attachable shield blocks enemy fire and cannot be destroyed.
  • ADS speed slightly decreased.

Laser Sight MP5K [C1]

  • With Laser Sight customization, the MP5K will be equipped with a laser sight on the left side of the rail.
  • The ammo rate when firing from the hip or shoulder has been increased.
    Horizontal recoil control is slightly reduced.

New Features : Revive and Recruit

In the announcement of the new state mobile major update, the things that need to be considered are about revive and recruit. You can use as much as you can to get unwanted things.

You can now revive teammates or recruit enemy players more quickly with Co-op Revive/Recruit. The announcement of the new state mobile major update was delivered directly by kraton

The Co-op Revive/Recruit function allows up to 3 team members to revive a teammate or recruit enemy players together faster than ever.

The more teammates you help to revive or recruit someone, the less time it takes to revive/buy them.

  • 1 Teammate Help Revive/Recruit → 10 sec (Base)
  • 2 Teammates Help Revive/Recruit → 6s (decreases to 4s)
  • 3 Teammates Help Revive/Recruit → 4s (reduced to 6s)

The Co-op Revive/Recruit function will also allow revived/recruit teammates to swap with other teammates.

As long as 1 team member is still in the reviving/recruiting stage, the revival/recruiting process will continue until it's finished. When using Revive/Recruit Co-op, the Revive/Recruit Co-op UI and progress bar will appear.

Custom Reticles

The new state mobile's next major update announcement is that you can now customize the shape and color of the reticle for certain scopes in the Settings menu.

Crosshair Color: Choose from 9 basic colors or use the RGB color picker to customize colors further! announcement of major update new state mobile

  • Reticle Shape: Choose from a variety of scope-specific reticles.
  • The following scope/reticle can be customized:
  • Reticle Shape/Color:
  • Red Dot Sight (6 reticle styles available)
  • Viper A-spec Sight (5 reticle styles available)
  • Reticle Color:
  • Basic Crosshairs
  • 2x Scope
  • 3x Scope
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Balance Scheme Changes

PUBG New State


Marking distant opponents has been improved to make them easier to see.
The number of various Weapon Customization Kits appearing on the field has greatly increased.

Troy (Overall)

Troi's overall lighting and color have been enhanced to reduce eye strain.
Vehicle and player movement on certain terrains has been improved.


Playzone locations have been randomized more and can now appear on the outskirts of Troi.
Blue Zone Speed has been increased by 20 seconds, and one final phase has been added.
Players will unholster P1911 upon landing at the start of the match.

The announcement of the new state mobile major update builds a stunning map scheme that is more than convincing and one of the best in the Mobile version of the Battle Royale.

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Gameplay Updates

PUBG New State

Reduction in terms of gameplay that has been updated is one of the most important things when the announcement of the new state mobile major update was implemented. The gameplay will be more interesting compared to the previous PUBG Mobile New State because there are additional features and reviews.

Green Flares

Players transferred via the Green Flare Gun will now be armed before being dropped into Battlegrounds. announcement of major update new state mobile
The following items will be provided:

  • P1911
  • 30.45 ACP bullets
  • 1 smoke grenade
  • Players will have an uncoated P1911 when they land.
  • This rework will apply to all Battle Royale modes (BR: Original, BR: EXTREME).
  • In addition, players can perform parachute maneuvers while being transported.
  • Players can control their landing within a 130m radius from where the Green Flare Gun is fired.

Drone Store

  • The range of selecting drone delivery coordinates has been greatly expanded.
  • The zoom-in range of the map UI has also been improved to more precisely select shipping coordinates.
  • Delivery coordinates up to 200m selectable, giving you more freedom to deliver goods to your distant teammates.
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PUBG Mobile Weekly Update : New State

PUBG New State

Announcement of the next major update new state mobile there will be weekly updates regarding vehicles and weapons. The center of attention because it prioritizes interesting gameplay on this side certainly provides an interesting experience for players.

Update Vehicles

The durability of some vehicles has decreased.

  • Vrions: 1300 → 1200
  • UAZs: 1200 → 1150
  • Volta: 900 → 850
  • Dacians: 900 → 850

Door durability for all vehicles has been reduced by about 50%. Riding shots are no longer possible when the vehicle door is destroyed. The range of equestrian fire is limited to the width of the door. Announcement of major update new state mobile

Reducing Vehicle Accident Damage
Damage from vehicle accidents has been reduced by about half.
At speeds under 70 km, you will take less than 100 HP damage and not die immediately.

Vehicle Upgrading Upgrade

Vehicle boarding has been improved to make it easier to board mobile vehicles moving at low speeds.

Stem Repair

A specific sound has been added which will trigger when the trunk is in use. Players can now be alerted when items are being carried in the trunk by this sound.

  • The weight of the items loaded in the Baggage will be displayed on the Baggage button.
  • Electrons: Vehicle Driving Sound Volume
  • The Electron's driving sound volume has been increased.

Guns and Attachments Update

Pre-input Features Bode Scope Button, Pressing the scope mode button while drawing the gun will immediately put you in scope mode once the gun is fully retracted. The announcement of the new state mobile major update regarding weapons and attachments has been eagerly awaited by many players.

Improved Smoke Grenade Spread. The spread range of the smoke screen when smoke grenade is used has been expanded by about 10%.

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Clan System Update

PUBG New State

Clans can now only be created by players with an account Level 5 or higher. The cost of creating a clan is 10,000 BP.

If you leave or disband a clan, you will be able to join or create a new clan after 2 hours. The announcement of the new state mobile major update is certainly useful for clan matches.

Survivors who have not yet joined a clan will receive a pop-up message regarding clan registration after their first match to encourage clan membership. The announcement of the new state mobile major update is the last thing that can be conveyed by kraton as the developer of PUBG Mobile New State.

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