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Mystic Flour

Through the latest patch, Cookie Run: Kingdom welcome back their newest character, Mystic Flour. Interestingly, this character is the first character with the beast tag that can be played in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Since its appearance in the trailer entitled "Realm of Apathy", Mystic Flour has become the center of attention of the players. Of course, apart from visually looking elegant dressed in white clothes, the figure who inspired the creation of this character is also not just any random figure, you know.

Does anyone know who he is? Yup, the goddess Kwan Im or in Hokkien Guan Yin.

Reporting from Bamboo Cyber School, Guan Yin or the goddess Kwan Im is the embodiment of Awalokiteswara Boddhisatwa (Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva), a compassionate goddess.

However, we only discuss Mystic flour and the goddess Kwan Im in general. So what are they? Come on, take a look!

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The First Playable Beast Type Cookie

Mystic Flour gets the Beast tag
Mystic Flour Gets the Beast Tag. Source: Cookie Run: Kingdom

As revealed in the recently released trailer, instead of Shadow Milk who should have gotten the chance to become a playable character, it was Mystic Flour who got it for the first time.

Even though he is the opening character in the story Beast Yeast, it seems Devsister hasn't thought about whether Shadow Milk can also be played or vice versa. 

In the trailer, Mystic Flour also has a role, namely Healer whose job is to restore dying teammates. 

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Released the day before Vesak Day

Currently meditating
Mystic Flour is Meditation. Source: Cookie Run Kingdom

Whether you realize it or not, Devsister is also taking part in enlivening this Buddhist holiday, the release of Mystic Flour coincides with the day before the Vesak holiday on May 23.

Even though Devsister did not make this statement clearly, judging from the theme he presented, it was clear that elements of Buddhism were included in it.

Starting from Mystic Flour meditating like a Gautama Buddha, a statue that resembles a Buddha statue, even the setting, which, when translated from Korean, is 해탈의 밀가루 설산, haetal-ui milgalu seolsan.

So, if interpreted in Indonesian, it means the peak of Nirvana, which is where Awalokiteswara attained the peak of his enlightenment, before returning to the world.

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Inspired by Goddess Kwan Im

Dewi Kwan Im
Dewi Kwan Im. Source: Pinterest

Seen from the visuals, it is clear that Mystic Flour was inspired by the figure of the goddess Kwan Im. And even Gautama Buddha himself. 

The skin color and white clothes he wears, also known as Hanfu, symbolize the purity and kindness of the Buddha's loving and merciful heart. Which comes at a time of trouble and sorrow for mankind.

Talking about the origins of the goddess Kwan Im, the appearance of this goddess was first introduced in China in the first century BC at the same time as Buddhism. 

Goddess Kwan Im was then introduced to other countries such as Japan and Korea in the 7th century BC after being introduced during the Tang Dynasty. Likewise in Tibet, they know him by the name Chenrezig.

Then the figure of the goddess Kwan Im also became increasingly famous after she was visualized as a woman starting during the Yuan Dynasty which lasted from 1206 to 1368, then followed by the Ming Dynasty which took place in the 15th century.

There are many versions of the name of the goddess Kwan Im. And the most famous is Guan Yin or Kwan Im. Which is the result of the translation of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva into compassionate Chinese. Like a depiction of the figure of Gautama Buddha. 

The full name of the goddess Kwan Im is Kwan She Im Pho Sat, which, if translated back into Sanskrit, then becomes Avalokitesvara.

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How a Compassionate Person Becomes Apathetic

How can a person who was previously compassionate become someone who is apathetic and doesn't care about his surroundings? As a compassionate and merciful goddess, we are taught that fellow humans must care for each other and work together towards each other.

What Mystic Flour teaches is a reminder, including anatta, reminding that the world is only temporary, dukkha or sorrow which means sadness and suffering of mankind, and anika which means everything is impermanent.

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These are interesting facts about Mystic Flour which was inspired by the kindness of the goddess Kwan Im, and I hope this article will also be material for reflection for all of us.

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