Wow! Hero Ling's Agility, Can't Be Handled by Granger!

Hero Ling

Hola Vicigers! There are various features provided in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang one of them is a line up of heroes, MLBB has various kinds of heroes that are very popular among players, for example the hero Ling.

Game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang itself is a MOBA genre (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) that is, you will be with several players in one arena and compete with the same goal.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a game designed for mobile users, in this game there will be 10 players divided into 2 teams where each team will compete with their respective heroes.

Each hero must have their own strengths and weaknesses, our job as players is to understand the hero we choose so that the game can be effective by using this hero.

The heroes are chosen by the players according to their needs while playing, but there are also players who choose certain heroes because they are interested in the appearance of these heroes.

Overview of Hero Ling

Hero Ling is a hero who has a role as a Burst Damager or Reap who can kill his opponents with one execution. It's amazing that this hero has skills that don't make sense.

This is so unreasonable that he can use the wall as a foothold and can easily use the mobility he has for roaming and the combination of ultimate skills and other skills is also extraordinary.

This one hero has the passive skill Cloud Walker, because Hero Ling doesn't have mana but he has a bar called lightness that can be used for skills. When near a wall, Ling will restore 2 of the lightness pont per second.

Skill 1 (Finch Poise), namely, Ling can use the Lightness Point he has to jump to the wall that he's in and amazingly he can jump without wearing CD at all.

Skill 2 (Defiant Sword), namely, Ling can charge in the direction he wants to go, with that he can deal more damage with a critical change of 25% and an attack that will trigger ATK effects.

Even more extraordinary, if Ling is on a wall or wall he can use this skill to attack his enemies on the ground, players can deal damage in the area and if critical will give a slow 30% effect for 1 second.

The ultimate skill of this hero is jumping up into the air and can do channeling for 2.5 seconds, and at that time he will become immune to all damage.

Counter of Granger

One of the heroes he can fight against is the Ganger hero, this hero is a marksman hero, he doesn't have mana so players only need to rely on basic attacks, but he has high damage from his burst damage ability.

Granger has 3 skills, his first skill is Rhapsody for attack, his second skill is rondo for dash or movement, and his ultimate skill is death sonata, as well as a passive skill, that is, the sixth bullet after a basic attack has high damage.


This one hero is also a hero who cancounters hero Granger, because Granger has a weakness, namely heroes who can target the backline and Ling is the best hero to do that.

Hero Granger can shoot into the opponent's area but with Ling's ultimate hero skill it can be very easy to avoid it because he is an agile hero he can jump from wall to wall.

Items that you can use for Ling's hero are Raptor Machete and Windtalker items to withstand the damage produced by this marksman hero, Granger, this will make Ling's hero effective against Granger.

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From this explanation, it can be concluded that the Ling hero is a hero that can be used to counter the Granger hero, especially if the Ling hero uses his ultimate skill.

You all already know that this hero is a hero who can counter the Granger hero, what are you waiting for, play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang to feel the sensation of fighting Granger with Ling, good luck!

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