Aeon Honkai Star Rail, God-Like Entities in Every Galaxy

aeon honkai star rail nanook destruction

Aeons are god-like beings in Honkai Star Rail similar to the Archon in the game Genshin Impact. These Aeons preside over every galaxy and are at the core of every major story all over the place in this Honkai Star Rail game especially with Path.

Then, who are these Aeons? This time we will discuss the complete lore related to Aeon Honkai Star Rail.

Aeon Honkai Star Rail: Definition, Factions, and List of Aeons

What is Aeon Honkai Star Rail?

aeon honkai star rail yaoshi abundance
Yaoshi, Aeon of Abundance (source: VCGamers)

Aeons are godlike entities that all intergalactic beings on the Honkai Star Rail trust. It is said that each of these Aeons has an abundance of Imaginary elemental powers.

The very creation of Aeons is a manifestation of the purest form of a principle. A being who attains this purest conceptual form will merge with the Imaginary Plane to become an Aeon and leave the physical body.

Each Aeon is associated with a Path, through which Aeons can apply the energy they wish to wherever they go.

The blessings that Aeon bestows include blessings of longevity, boundless knowledge, protection, and more.

It is said that a mortal who walks according to the principles of the Path of the Aeon will receive blessings. Mortals who get this blessing will feel that the Aeon "glances" at them.

Uniquely, Aeon can also die. This happens when one Aeon and another has similarities or intersects in the principles and morals of life that are adhered to.

Aeons that are stronger will "turn off" the Aeons that are weaker. Even so, the power of these Aeons will live on, as long as there are mortals who follow the Path of the Aeons.

There are 3 ways an Aeon can be said to die or disappear where each of these Aeons still leaves the faction by:

  • Aeon Paths have principles that intersect with other Aeons. Aeons that have a smaller Path usually lose. For example Ena (Order) who was defeated by Xipe (Harmony)
  • Mysteriously disappeared without being noticed. Example: Long (Permenance) and Irila (Beauty)
  • Accident and died. Example: Akivili who died was related to Stellaron
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Honkai Star Rail's Aeon Faction System

aeon honkai star rail qlipoth preservation
Qlipoth, Aeon of Preservation (source: VCGamers)

Each of these Aeons has a faction or organization that shares the principles of that Aeon. However, the faction is divided into several factions.

These factions can be pro (do good things or agree with Aeon principles for their lives) and cons (not according to Aeon principles or choose a path that is not suitable).

An example is the Destruction faction, namely the Antimatter Legion and the Annihilation Gang. The two factions differ in their pursuit of the meaning of destruction, the principle of the Path of Aeon Nanook.

However, there are also factions that have different perspectives on passing on the principles of the Path they take.

Like Astral Express, which continues the goal of the previous faction, namely The Nameless, who is a follower of Aeon Akivili.

The faction of an Aeon that has died can still be active to continue the power of the Aeon. For example, Astral Express and Nameless adhere to Akivili. 

Akivili is the Aeon of Path Traiblaze that created the Star Rail line. The path connects between galaxies.

When Akivili dies, these Nameless live on even though their journey stops. Himeko then continued with the name Astral Express consisting of: Himeko, Welt, Dan Heng, March 7th, and MC.

There is also Path Hunt, namely Xianzhou Alliance and Galaxy Rangers where both of them follow the Path but have different goals and methods.

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List of Aeon Honkai Star Rail

aeon honkai star rail lan hunt
Lan, Aeon of The Hunt (source: VCGamers)

There are a total of 18 Aeons introduced by Honkai Star Rail along with the Paths owned by these Aeons. 

The 7 Paths that have playable characters and the Aeons of these Paths are still alive are: Destruction, Nihility, Preservation, Abundance, Harmony, Hunt, and Erudition.

Aeons Path Status faction
Nanook  destruction Life Antimatter Legion, Annihilation Gang
Nous  Erudition  Genius Society, Erudition Association
Qlipoth  preservation The Architects, Interastral Peace Corp.
Yaoshi  Abundance Disciples of Sanctus Medicus, Abominations of Abundance, Elixir Seekers
Lan  Hunt  Xianzhou Alliance, Galaxy Rangers
IX  Nihility  Doctors of Chaos, Device IX
Xipe  Harmony  TheFamily

Meanwhile, 11 Aeons from other Paths have been declared dead or their status unknown, namely: Trailblaze, Order, Finality, Remembrance, Equilibrium, Propagation, Voracity, Elation, Beauty, Permanence, and Enigmata.

Aeons Path Status faction
Akivili  Trailblaze  Dead/ Missing/ Unknown The Nameless, Astral Express
Six Order  The Beyond of Sky Choir
terminus  Finality  Omen Vanguards, Creed Exequy
Fuli  Remembrance  The Cremators, Garden of Recollection
Hooh  Equilibrium  The Arbitrators
Tayzzyronth  Propagation The Swarms
 Oroboros  voracity  Not yet known
Ah  Elation Mourning Actors, Masked Fools
Idrila  Beauty  Mirror Holders, Knights of Beauty
Long Permanence  Not yet known
mythus  Enigmata  The Riddlers, History Fictionologists
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There are still many stories and lore related to Aeon that are still secret. However, these Aeons are a very important part of the story of Honkai Star Rail.

This game is still relatively new but has the potential to become famous like other HoYoVerse games.

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