Achieving Happiness by Helping Others in Solving It

Helping people who are in trouble is highly recommended. Unless the feeling of being satisfied can help others, those who are helped will certainly be happy because the problems they face can be found solutions and there are people who want to help them. For those hoping to experience the satisfaction of helping others, try playing the game Solving It this.

on games Solving It players assume the role of a major spy agent who is currently retired. It's just that after retirement, this agent can't just relax. So, he was determined to set up a detective agency with a job to help the surrounding community.

Hidden Object Puzzles

Solving It is a type of game with a hidden object puzzle concept. Therefore the player's mission is simple. Players are tasked with serving customer needs by finding various objects on the map until they get what the client wants. How to run this game is quite easy. Players just have to tap on the screen when they are going to run characters, pick up items, to work on puzzles. It's just that, because Solving It is still in the beta stage, it is not yet stable. For example, the control buttons are sometimes not precise enough, when tapping so that the character goes straight up but turns left, causing the mission to fail.

Aesthetic Visuals

Visuals can be said to be an important point given by the game Solving It This. The display that is presented offers a simple but beautiful design. Graphics really spoil the eye. Therefore, users can play to hone their brain skills while watching stunning graphics. Really won't get bored quickly.

Just Simple Puzzles

Solving It presents three levels of puzzles that players can solve. At first there was Daily Works as the easiest. Players can complete this puzzle in no more than 10 minutes. Therefore players can train the brain quickly. The level above is the Special Mission assigned by the boss before retirement. This level has a standard difficulty level and a longer game time, a wider map that contains a number of rooms, and of course it's more exciting. The peak level is Ultimate Challenge, which has the maximum difficulty level. Players have to rack their brains harder and it also takes a while and they have to go back and forth to be able to solve this puzzle. Luckily there is a hint system that you can use when you have trouble. There is also a mini game that can be accessed when a Solving It player has collected up to 200 trophies. The mini games include The Detective Test to determine which of the two choices is correct, then there is also Sudoku.

Lots of Ads

Although Solving It presents beautiful graphics, it's just that in it there are lots of ads that appear. In fact, the ad is also connected to the gameplay so it is quite disturbing to the fun. For example, players have to watch advertisements if they want to make money (the money is used to pay hints if the rations are gone) or twice as many trophies. When players get rewards that come from achievements they also have to watch advertisements so they can receive twice as much. In fact, it seems that players often see advertisements instead of playing.

Solving It presents a puzzle game that can be played every day to train the brain while seeing beautiful animated visuals. It's just that the ads that appear so often tend to disturb the game. Indeed, players can deactivate the internet network so that the ads disappear, but players will not get double the bonus. Solving It also provides IAP to remove ads and pay for extra hints when they run out.

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