7 Best Dark Souls Classes, Beginners Must Know!

Dark Souls Best Classes

Dark Souls is the best work of the 21st Century. And games This also ranks as one of the most difficult games to beat. For this reason, we have to know the best classes in Dark Souls, as a starting point for success.

FormSoftware.Inc is the production house that initiated this game. They designed Dark Souls as a successor to its predecessor, Demon's Soul which was published on the PS3 console.

Unlike other AAA type games, Dark Souls only has one cutscene in the entire story. This game tells its narrative through conversations between the characters we play and NPCs.

We must ensure that the grand story that is formed from this conversation is in accordance with the mission we are carrying out.

Therefore, class selection in this game is an important and fundamental thing. In this article, the author will discuss the 7 best classes of dark souls to broaden your insight.

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Get to Know the Best Classes in Dark Souls

The Nameless King
The Nameless King. (Dark Souls Wiki Fandom/Google)

There are several classes that will benefit us, if we choose them from the start. There are even things that benefit us in the mid to late game.

For this reason, you must be able to choose the type of class that best suits your personality and way of playing, so that your skills and passives can be put to good use. The best classes of dark souls, are as follows:


Pyromancer is the first best class that you can consider. When you choose this class, you will automatically get an axe, shield and pyromancy fire which are very useful for fighting enemies.

This class can be considered for those of you who are playing Dark Souls 3 for the first time, because the Pyromancer type character has a good balance between attack and defense.


Warrior Class Dark Souls
Warrior Class Dark Souls. (Source: Gamerant/Google)

Many people debate the order of the Warrior and Pyromancer types, because their superiority is not far off.

Warrior is the best class type at the start of the game because his knowledge of weapons and fighting abilities are above other characters.

However, entering the middle of the game, if you are not good at exploring the map and increasing your level, you will encounter difficulties that will hinder you a bit.


Even though they are not as strong as Warriors and Pyromences, Clerics have the ability to heal themselves which is very useful in Dark Souls.

If you choose Cleric, from the start you will get a mace hammer covered in nails, as well as a round shield as defense.


There is no striking difference between the Bandit and Thief classes. However, Bandit is more useful because its strength and endurance stats are above Thief.

The ax and shield are the weapons you will carry at the start of the game when you choose this character.

In addition, materials to upgrade axes are easier to find throughout the map, compared to swords or arrows.


Wanderer Dark Souls
Wanderer Dark Souls. (Source: Gamerant/Google)

Because the Wanderer's lore is a great traveler, Vicigers who choose it will get the advantage of higher and more balanced statistics than other classes.

Wanderer can also transform into a very useful class because of its knowledge of areas in Dark Souls.


Sorcerer is a complicated class, so the author doesn't recommend it to beginners. However, this is a class that is suitable for you, if you like exploring and discovering new things, while making potions.

Sorcerers are very superior in intelligence stats, so you will get an advantage when it comes to concocting consumable potions in enchanting items. Not only that, the Sorcerer is also equipped with quite high magic damage stats.


Hunter Dark Souls
Hunter Dark Souls. (Source: Gamerant/Google)

As the name suggests, Hunter is a type of class that relies on speed and a combination of skills when fighting enemies.

However, you have to make sure you have made the right build to maximize its capabilities.

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