5 Fun Ways to Play Minecraft Pocket Edition on Android!

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For gamers like you who like the world of creativity, of course you won't be foreign to a game made by Mojang called Minecraft: Pocket Edition it's?

The good news is, now you can enjoy the thrill of playing the game with only Android.

Yes, Mojang's expansion of the game platform is meant for everyone playerthey can be connected to each other more broadly.

However, actually Mojang has changed the name from Minecraft: Pocket Edition to just Minecraft.

However, the features offered in the Android version or mobile this is not much different from the version desktop-his.

So, Vicigers guaranteed to still be able to enjoy games this even though only using the touch screen and the two thumbs.

Through this article, VCGamers News I want to give you 5 fun ways to maximize your Minecraft game experience. Listen carefully, yes, Vicigers!

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How to Play Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Source: 9Minecraft

There are a number of ways you can do to be able to play this game. This way of playing will make it easier for you when you want to play the game.

Here's how to play Minecraft: Pocket Edition that you need to know:

Play with Friends Through the Multiplayer Feature

Mojang will always have a reason to keep its players entertained, namely by presenting features multiplayer which will make your experience playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition even more memorable.

Even though playing singleplayer it's already very exciting, of course there won't be anything wrong if Vicigers decides to play with his closest friends to just build a new world together.

Experience the Immersiveness of Open World

This is the hallmark of the Minecraft: Pocket Edition game, which is to provide real sensations and experiences across the globe open world that is expansive, immersive and “feels real”.

Since its release on August 15, 2011, Minecraft: Pocket Edition has always been consistent in offering lots of fun for players in its vast game world.

You can always be adventurous in everything biome in the game, such as wilderness, wilderness, winter atmosphere, to the swamps to find fish. Activities that you can do in all biome that will certainly add to the excitement of the game.

Get More Creative with Mods

Do you want to channel your great creativity even more in the game Minecraft: Pocket Edition? If so, you really have to try to access the existing mods!

There's a lot of added fun if you download the available mod version. Starting from a variety of playing modes challenging, to other features that are not available in the regular version.

For the mod version, you can find many ways to access it on the internet. Good luck!

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Enjoy the Game More Flexible

VCGamers know very well that you also have lots of activities every day, but don't worry, because Minecraft: Pocket Edition can of course always be played anytime and anywhere, aka flexible!

Because basically, the Pocket Edition version is designed specifically for users smartphones so that it can be played in all situations while maintaining the quality of the game remains the same as the version desktop-his.

Take advantage of the Latest Updates

A game will definitely always have a number bugs or error, but this has been anticipated by Mojang by consistently presenting a version that is always updated so that the experience of playing this game remains optimal.

Usually, Mojang will provide the latest updates on game modes, in-game items and also new roaming places that players can explore. So, there will be no more "bored" when playing this game!

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Game Minecraft: Pocket Edition which has been played by more than 10,000,000 players in this version mobile Of course, you can get this easily through the Play Store and App Store with the same quality as the version desktop-his.

Oh yes, you can downloads Minecraft: Pocket Edition here, yes!

As additional information, you need to prepare 536 MB of storage space after buying this game for 116 thousand rupiahs on the Play Store and App Store.

However, Vicigers need not worry because games it also provides free trial to be your first step before really enjoying gamescompletely by buying it.

So, those are 5 fun ways to play this game well on Android!

If you are confused about buying Google Play balance to buy Minecraft games, you can consult directly to VCGamers, well!

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