5 Things Valorant Will Update 2022

Valorants 2022

We are currently almost 2 years together Valorant. We have also prepared a more interesting game in 2022. Of course, with more new features added to Valorant every patch, that way you can find out even better. Here are five things we hope to see in Valorant 2022.

Released in June 2020, this FPS (First Person Shooter) Game, Valorant. With an estimated 12 million active players every month throughout 2021, this game has grown tremendously and massively in the past few years.

With more and more agents, maps, and features being provided by Valorant continuously, there's definitely no shortage of content to keep this game fresh for players. But there are a few things we want to see in Valorant 2022.

New Mode of Valorant 2022

New Mode of Valorant 2022

Since its initial release, we've seen Valorant move away from the usual few game modes and move into different game modes that players can choose from such as Spike Rush, Deathmatch, Escalation, Replication, and Christmas LTM Snowball Fight. This year, Valorant 2022 will present several game modes that are definitely different from the others.

However, there are many options for implementing more modes than their competitors such as Call of Duty. Popular modes like Capture the Flag could have their own Valorant spin-off Capture the Spike. Even the fan favorite Prop Hunt could be the best mode in Valorant 2022.

Valorant Social System

Social Systems Valorant 2022

Competitive games like Valorant definitely require fast and straightforward communication. Social System Valorant is very unsatisfactory. So what can be used in valorant communication? Especially in Valorant 2022.

With players feeling like "developers don't really care about social systems", a complete overhaul could be a great opportunity to make the game better and friendlier to play with friends.

From buggy in-game chats and private messaging systems, there's definitely plenty to do. Fixes to friend requests and lists that block all incoming requests after you reach your limit are areas for the developers to look into.

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Valorant Radianite

Radianite Valorant 2022

Radianite Valorant Points are the currency of the fps game. Of course, Valorant 2022 wants to present a newer currency that is definitely friendly to others.

Currently, the only way to get Radianite points is through a battle pass, and yes, we have to buy the battle pass at a price that is quite hefty. With a new skin during the latest patch update, the Radianite point requirement is quite high when you want to upgrade your weapon.

However, the Radianite points you receive when leveling up the battle pass do not exceed the amount needed to upgrade the skin for the weapon you want. This forces many players to buy Radianite points which can be very expensive.

A full reset on the Radianite system may not be completely necessary, however, an easier way to earn points perhaps through weekly challenges or leveling up your account could be a nice change.

Player Statistics

Player Stats for Valorant 2022

While the developer has done a good job implementing an in-game leaderboard to show who is the current highest-rated player, Due doesn't have many other interesting stats.

Currently, if players want to view their stats such as KDA, time played and headshot accuracy just to name a few, they are forced to look for third-party websites and apps.

Updating the leaderboard system to include other frequently looked up stats will be an addition many players will appreciate. It is hoped that Valorant 2022 will certainly be much better in preparing the leaderboard.

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Update Training Mode

Valorant 2022 Training Mode

Reach Valorant is a great addition to the game for players to get a quick warm-up before queuing into long, grueling matches. However, your above average players will agree that more can be added to increase it tenfold. In Valorant 2022, there will definitely be an update.

While aim practice bots are useful for aiming, more practice drills similar to what we see in aim trainers like Aim Lab can be very useful for players trying to improve their skills.

On the other side of the range, where you can practice spike planting and diffusing – there are obvious options for more scenarios to be added. A scenario where 50 bots are trying to reclaim a site can be a great warm-up.

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