5 Harvest Moon Back To Nature Recipes to Win a Cooking Competition!

Harvest Moon Recipe

This time we will review the Harvest Moon Back to Nature gardening game. Especially regarding the Harvest Moon recipe that will make you a champion.

You certainly know that this is one of the favorite games of its time. Harvest Moon Back to Nature or also known as HMBTN is the pioneer installation of this franchise.

The success of Harvest Moon itself would not have reached its present point HMBTN once unable to attract the hearts of console players PlayStation.

With very playable and immersive gardening simulation gameplay, players can really enjoy the thrill of owning a plantation.

For those of you who like to cook, in this game a cooking contest is also held every year in the main square, you know!

So, for those who are curious about what dishes they have to bring to win, let's take a peek at the recipe in this article. Guaranteed you will definitely be the winner. Don't be like Karen! Check it out

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5 Harvest Moon Back to Nature Recipes That Are Definitely Winners

There are many menus that you can make in the game. However, here are some foods that will make you a champion in a cooking competition.

  • Harvest Moon Cake Recipe

Harvest Moon Cake Recipe
Harvest Moon Cake Recipe. Source: YouTube/Uddin Gaming

Departing from the first is Cake or Cake. Who doesn't like Cake? To make it, you only need Flour, Butter, and Egg. For variety, you can also add honey, apples, wild grapes or strawberries.

The tools needed are Oven, Whisk (Stirrer), and also Knive (Knife). And don't forget, also add Sugar (Sugar) for the seasoning!

  • Cheese Cake

Cheese Cake
Cheese Cake. Source: YouTube/Uddin Gaming

Still in the form of pastries, next is the Cheese Cake. The ingredients are not too different from Cake, namely by replacing Butter with Cheese (Cheese).

Eits, for Cheese Cake you can't add the variation ingredients above! The tools and spices needed are the same, such as Oven, Whisk, Knive, and also Sugar.

  • Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Cookies
Chocolate Cookies. Source: YouTube/Uddin Gaming

Sweet snacks are indeed the prima donna, that's why the next recipe switches to Chocolate Cookies. The ingredients needed are almost the same as Cake: Flour, Butter, Egg and Chocolate. Variations can be added Honey.

As for tools, make sure you already have an oven and a rolling pin. Finally, add Sugar as a sweetener.

  • Tempura Noodles

Tempura Noodles
Tempura Noodles. Source: YouTube/Uddin Gaming

Now moving on from sweets to culinary tastes of class: Tempura Noodles or Tempura Noodles. What makes this dish so complex is because, basically, this Tempura Noodle is a combination of two recipes.

First, you have to make noodles first. The main ingredients are flour, which is made using a pot, knife and rolling pin. Seasoning is not mandatory, but salt (salt), sugar, or soy sauce (soy sauce) can be added.

For variations on the noodles, add ingredients such as Egg, Cabbage (Cabbage), Turnip (Radish), Sweet Potato (Sweet Potato), Bamboo Shoot (Bamboo Shoot), Carrot (Carrot), Eggplant (Eggplant), Green Pepper (Green Pepper). ), Mushrooms, Onions, Truffles, and Fish.

After that, make Tempura. The main ingredients are Flour, Egg and Oil. Cook using Frying Pan (Frying), and Whisk (although not required).

Variations: Poisonous Mushroom, Chocolate, Truffle, Turnip, Cucumber, Cabbage, Carrot, Boiled Egg, Pineapple, Fish, Pumpkin, Green Pepper, Mushroom, Potato ( Potato), Eggplant or Sweet Potato.

Once done, cook both (Noodle and Tempura) using a pot. You can also add Cabbage, Turnip, Sweet Potato, Fish, Mushroom, Truffle, Egg and Carrot. For the spices: Sugar, Salt, Miso Paste, or Soysauce.

  • Pizza

Pizza. Source: YouTube/Uddin Gaming

And the culinary that will definitely win is Pizza. Somehow the jury really liked this food. As with Tempura Noodle, you have to make several ingredients before concocting it.

First you have to make Tomato Sauce (Tomato Sauce). The ingredients are Tomato (Tomato) and Onion. The tools needed are a blender, with the addition of Salt, Sugar, and Vinegar (Vinegar).

When it's ready, you can immediately make Pizza by mixing Tomato Sauce with Cheese, and Flour using an Oven, Rolling Pin, and (additional) Knife. Spices such as Salt and Sugar can also be added according to taste.

For variations: Bamboo Shoot, Pumpkin, Carrot, Sweet Potato, Eggplant, Mayonnaise, Pineapple, Truffle, Egg, Onion, Corn (Corn), Mushroom, Green Pepper, Potato and Tomato. The more, the better.

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You can try as many as 5 Harvest Moon Back to Nature recipes to win the cooking competition. How about Vicigers, can't wait to try it?

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