5 Best Lancelot ML Build Items in Season 25


Lancelot ML is an assassin hero who gets an update on Mobile Legends the latest version, so it's no wonder that many players are using this hero again.

Lancelot ML is known for its fast movement and painful damage. In addition, this hero rarely gets banned in draft pick mode. In this way, he becomes one of the assassin heroes used in ranked mode.

The cooldown of each skill is also strong enough to kill opponents repeatedly. Like the Marksman role, he is often used to kill enemy heroes with low defense such as Mage, Marksman and other assassins.

Not only that, in the late game, he can also easily kill heavy heroes like Fighters or Tanks.

So, for those of you who like to play with assassin heroes, especially Lancelot ML, you have to really pay attention to the build you use.

Lancelot ML Build Items in Season 25

The following is the strongest Lancelot ML build in season 25 to maximize damage output and not be easily defeated by enemy heroes.

Tough Boots

lancelot ml
Tough Boots is one of the lancelot ml items

Of course you have to buy (move) shoe items first to increase Lancelot's running speed. The boots that suit him are Tough Boots.

In addition to its attributes, these boots will provide additional attack speed to the heroes who use them. These boots are perfect for snipers, assassins and heroic warriors who rely heavily on basic attack skills.

War Ax

lancelot ml
War Ax is one of the sickest builds for Lancelot ml

Another thing you can buy her is battle axe. Currently, this attack item is in OP, so it is very convenient to use.

Every 3 seconds this item provides an additional +9 physical attack damage to the opponent, which can be spammed up to 8 stacks of up to +72 physical attacks. Obviously, it deals a lot of damage and should be used by heroes who can deal continuous damage, either through skills or basic attacks.

Malefic Roar

lancelot ml
Malefic Roar for lancelot ml build items

The greater the level of physical defense of the opponent, the greater the level of physical penetration produced by this object.

Physical Penetration Speed ​​is limited to only 20 percent, but it is enough to penetrate the opponent's armor and turret armor. Each opponent's Physical Defense has increased Physical Penetration by 0.05 percent when dealing damage to them, capped at 20 percent.

Blade of Despair

lancelot ml
Blade of Despair for build lancelot ml

The thinner the opponent's blood, the more painful the damage this item deals. If a hero attacks an opponent whose HP is below 50 percent, the hero's physical attack increases by 25 percent for 2 seconds. This effect is only active before the opponent takes damage.

Attacking an enemy unit under 50 percent HP will increase the Hero's physical attack by 25 percent. Lasts 2 seconds. (Active effect before taking damage).

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lancelot ml
Immortality is a build item for Lancelot ml

This item brings you back to life from death. If you die, it will regenerate for 2.5 seconds and give 16 percent HP and a shield that absorbs up to 1200 damage. The shield given only lasts for 3 seconds. Unfortunately, this item's active ability is quite long, which is 210 seconds.

After knowing the build items for him, you also have to know his weaknesses so you can fix them while playing. 

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Like Assassins on the other hand, Lancelot is very weak against the opponent's stun or crowd control abilities. In addition, this hero's kit status does not allow him to kill enemy heroes of the same level with higher HP.

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