The 5 Most Dangerous Locations in Fortnite Season 6

The location map in Fortnite Season 6 presents a lot of threats that can lead to the death of a player when he lands on the island. From landing on points of interest flooded with enemies to being ambushed by dinosaurs as soon as they land, there's plenty of menace and terror that awaits players in Fortnite Season 6. Which locations can you guess? which in Fortnite Season 6 is the most dangerous and should be avoided by players as much as possible? Come on, check this out!

1. Stealthy Stronghold

Apart from the fact that this Point Of Interest (POI) in Fortnite Season 6 has more than 15 chests for players to loot, this location is also an important place to see raptors. Given the raptor delivers damage which is very large on the player and impossible to escape, players are advised to avoid this area unless they are absolutely confident that they can stand up to their abilities.

2. Colossal Crops

This newly introduced POI in Fortnite Season 6 offers over 25 chests hidden around a small one. This makes the POI one of the most visited locations in the current season of Fortnite. Given the sheer amount of loot available, the number of players dropping by this location can be overwhelming for anyone looking for some simple loot.

3. Boney Burbs

With nearly 30 chests to loot from this small area, Boney Burbs is an ideal location for anyone looking to collect endless loot. Because of this, Boney Burbs is also one of the most dropped locations in Fortnite Season 6.

Anyone who decides to land in Boney Burbs should be prepared for heavy gunfire from players to get to those crates early. The main thing is, the principle is first come first serve he gets.

4. The Spires

Since the release of Fortnite Season 6, The Spire has become one of the many hunted locations on the island. Don't ask why, The Spire is one of the places with the most number of loot crates. A total of 50 chests are here, making players aim for this place as the main drop.

Having said that, being the main drop location also had its drawbacks. Players should be prepared to fight an entire army of enemies if they choose to land at this POI. The point is, you have to be careful very play here, guys.

5. Sweaty Sands

Located north of Holly Hedges, Sweaty Sands is filled with loot to attract enemies, as well spawn locations known for raptors and wolves in Fortnite Season 6. Fighting against enemies for loot is one of the things that will happen, while attacking wild animals at the same time can be overwhelming for some players.

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