6 Best City Building Games on Android and iOS

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You can find and play a number of city building simulation games on Android and iOS phones.

This simulation genre is very popular among players because it is very exciting because you can be as creative as possible.

The game will invite you to build, design, manage and solve problems in the city such as traffic jams, air pollution and electricity and water problems.

For those of you who want to try designing your own city, you can play this game on Android and iOS.

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City Building Game Recommendations

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Building Design City (Source: Softonic)

Below is a list of city building games that you can play on Android and iOS. What do you think?

SimCity: BuildIt

gsme build city (1)
SimCity: BuildIt (Source: EA)

The first game you can play is SimCity: BuildIt which was developed by TrackTwenty and published by Electronic Arts (EA) on December 16 2014.

For the gameplay, you will build and manage the city that you have created from scratch.

Apart from that, you can adjust the city layout to make it look more attractive and neat by ensuring the infrastructure and population.

One thing you must not forget is that you must always fulfill all the population's resource needs, such as electricity, water and waste for their daily household needs.


Township (Source: Township Mobile)

The next city building game is Township which was developed and released by Playrix on December 24 2012.

This game is not only on Android and iOS. However, it is also present on iPadOS, MacOS, Microsoft Windows, Facebook (Adobe Flash).

The gameplay is quite exciting because you will start building a city from empty land while managing a farm.

Apart from that, you have to build roads, houses, shops, restaurants, parks, malls, hotels, public transportation and other facilities to increase the population.

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Megapolis (Source: Steam)

The next game viz Megapolis which was released on November 23, 2012 by Social Quantum Ltd.

Megapolis can also be played on Adobe Flash (Facebook). Megapolis is a simulation, city building and strategy genre.

The gameplay is quite exciting, just like other city building games, here you will build a city from empty land.

You are tasked with building infrastructure such as roads, commercial buildings, housing, complexes, factories, hotels, public transportation, and many more.

Apart from that, you also have to control the city's economy, such as income, expenses and the growth of the city's population, which can be done through selling or helping each other.

Missions and challenges that you can carry out to improve city progress and get rewards.

Pocket City

Pocket City
Pocket City (Source: Facebook)

The next recommended city building game for Android and iOS is Pocket City which was developed and released by Codebrew Games on July 30 2018.

The gameplay is the same as city building games in general.

As a player, you must always pay attention to the city's finances and check that residents' needs such as electricity, water, security and firefighting are being met properly.

Virtual City Playground

Virtual City PlayGround (Source: GitHub)
Virtual City PlayGround (Source: GitHub)

Next, the latest city building game for Android, iOS and PC is Virtual City Playground which was developed and released on May 12 2012 by G5 Entertainment.

Similar to other city building games, where you will manage the city and design its infrastructure and economy.

Designer City: Building Game

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Designer Building City (Source: Google PlayStore)

The last city building game comes from Designer Building City Games which was developed by SGS – City Building Games.

In this game you can build the metropolis of your dreams. Here you can build skyscrapers and dream houses that you can live in.

Apart from that, you can build an office building for doing business and work.

What's also unique is that you can decorate the city layout, manage finances, and create commonly used transportation for Sims.

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