16 Teams That Qualified For PMPL SEA Final Season 3

The Pubg Mobile Pro League for each region has won its champions, and they will continue a new chapter at the PMPL SEA Final Season 3 which brings together more than 4 countries in Southeast Asia.

The teams that have already won slots in the PMPL SEA Final Season 3 will fight back for tickets to other international tournaments.

There are still a few more weeks until they can play and finally meet in the Sea Finals, as the tournament will still be held in May. 

16 PMPL Sea Finals Season 3 2021 Teams!

A few weeks ago, PMPL SG/MY and PMPL Thailand won their new champions and made them qualify for the PMPL SEA Final Season 3.

16 Teams That Qualified For PMPL SEA Final Season 3
source: rsg. sgmy

The new champion from PMPL SG/MY is RSG Malaysia and PMPL Thailand also got a new champion, namely FaZe Clan. And the Runners Up for each Region are also certain to get a slot in the PMPL SEA Final Season 3.

source: fazeclanth

Here are the 16 teams that qualified for the PMPL SEA Season 3 Final:

  • Bigetron Red Aliens (PMPL Sea Finals Season 2 Champion)
  • Geek FamID (PMPL ID Finals)
  • Aura Esports (PMPL ID Finals)
  • Evos Esports (PMPL ID Regular Season)
  • FaZe Clan (PMPL TH Finals)
  • The Infinity(PMPL TH Finals)
  • Valdus The Murderer (PMPL TH Regular Season)
  • Malaysian RSG (PMPL MY/SG Finals)
  • Geek Family (PMPL MY/SG Finals)
  • Dingoz MPX (PMPL MY/SG Regular Season)
  • HVNB (PMPL VN Finals)
  • Eagle Esports (PMPL VN Finals)
  • Infinity IQ (PMPL VN Regular Season)
  • Demigod Incognito (PMCO Sea Wildcard)
  • Orange Play (PMCO Sea Wild card)
  • JoinMe Yellow (PMCO Sea Wildcard)

Of the 16 teams, 3 slots were filled by teams from the PMCO Sea Wildcard, where the Philippines entered and also 2 teams from Cambodia.

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We will really see the teams compete to be able to win the title of champion of Southeast Asia which is currently being held by Bigetron Red Aliens.

Season 1 Champion, Yoodoo bro, it was also seen that he did not enter because he did not get a slot from PMPL Malaysia yesterday.

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