11 Tips to Be Good at Playing PUBG Mobile, Unbeatable!

Do you want to know tips on how to play PUBG Mobile? So, this time the author wants to share 11 good tips for playing PUBG Mobile.

Naturally, Vicigers already familiar with PUBG Mobile. This game requires the players to have the right strategy and tactics in order to win the match.

How to become the best player in the PUBG Mobile game? If you want to know the secret behind the success of the players in this game, there are some tips that you can apply.

Here are 11 good tips for playing PUBG Mobile which are divided into two categories that you need to know.

So, you can catch up with the playing abilities of other players!

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11 Tips for Good at Playing PUBG Mobile


The author will share tips in two ways. Each of the tips for playing the PUBG Mobile game is tactical tips and hardware tips.


  1. Choose Your Landing Location Wisely

Every time you start a match, you have to choose your landing location wisely. Avoid landing in crowded areas and choose a location that is safe enough to start your search for weapons and equipment.

  1. Gather Enough Gear

After you land, the next step is to collect enough weapons and equipment. Make sure you have a weapon that is strong enough and enough ammo to face your opponent.

  1. Do not rush

Don't rush into playing the game. Play relaxed and avoid impulsive actions that can harm yourself. Play with focus and stay calm in difficult situations.

  1. Study the Map Well

Study the map well so you can understand the dangerous areas and safe areas. This will help you choose the right location to hide or attack.

  1. Use the Right Tactics

When playing the PUBG Mobile game, the right strategy and tactics can be the key to achieving victory.

That means don't rely solely on luck, but use good tactics such as attacking from unexpected angles or hiding to avoid your opponent's attacks.

By utilizing the right tactics, you can master the course of the match and win more easily.

  1. Collaborate with Friends

When playing the PUBG Mobile game, cooperation and collaboration with the team can help you optimize your chances of winning.

Don't forget to collaborate with friends and use effective communication to maximize team strengths.

By working together synergistically, your team will be able to face challenges more easily and achieve victory in more difficult matches.

  1. Playing PUBG Mobile Regularly

By regularly playing PUBG Mobile, you will get used to everything in the game, including things like controls, team coordination and tactics to get around enemies.

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good tips for playing pubg mobile
Play PUBG Mobile

Even though good playing skills and tactics are very important in achieving victory at PUBG Mobile, the hardware used also plays an important role in maintaining stable and optimal game performance.

The following are some things about hardware that need attention and can help you win matches at PUBG Mobile:

  1. Use a Device with Sufficient Specifications

Make sure the device used has adequate specifications to run the PUBG Mobile game smoothly, such as at least 4GB of RAM and a fast enough processor. The higher the specification of your device, the smoother the game you can run.

  1. Set Graphic Quality According to Device Capability

If the device used has standard specifications, you should set the game graphics quality to a low mode so that game performance remains stable and smooth. However, if the device used has high specifications, you can adjust the graphics settings so that the game looks more optimal and attractive.

  1. Use Quality Earphones or Headphones

Quality earphones or headphones can help you focus more and avoid unnecessary sound distractions, such as sounds from outside or sounds that aren't important in games.

With earphones or headphones, you can also hear the surrounding environment more clearly and get more accurate information.

  1. Check Internet Network and Ping

Make sure the internet connection used is stable and has a low ping. This will help you to reduce lag in games and improve response in dealing with fast and intense situations.

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Those are some tips for playing the PUBG Mobile game that you can use to become a better player. Remember to always play wisely and don't forget to have fun!

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