Wow! Is this the Farthest Shot in PUBG?

Farthest Shot in PUBG

Aloha Vicigers! skills shoot in PUBG game (Player Unknown's Battleground) is the most important element in carrying out an attack, especially if you manage to reach the farthest shot.

If player will be asked to do open battle with 99 player others in the same battlefield.

Games which the battle royale genre this, requires that each player or squad survive to be player the last one standing in the arena, without any weapons equipped at the start of the game, makes for an interesting challenge for players  player PUBG.

There are many ways you can go about fighting on the battlefield, if you play regularly squad, communication and team cohesiveness will be things that need to be done, especially in formulating strategies to fight the enemy.

Apart from the cohesiveness of all team members, individual skills  Also needed in this game, intelligence to defend and the ability to attack are important things that must be mastered.

If you can't do it properly and precisely, then the players won't be able to survive until the end of the match and also won't be able to win Chicken Dinners.

Practice Farthest Shot Mode

There are many ways to train players in shooting in the PUBG game Mobile this. One of them is, players don't need to buy additional accessories controllers excessive.

So far, there are three types mode longest shot that can be used while playing games PUBG Mobile.  If you look at the existing statistics, the selection of weapons that are most often used to kill opponents is a type weapon assault rifles,


Weapon type assault rifles much-loved because the available weapon models are quite spread out and also easy to obtain, besides that damage produced by weapons type it's pretty big with time between shoots short one. 

Each weapon has an advantage in range and mode different shoots, But not all mode weapons can be arranged mode shoot. One of them is a type of weapon Bolt Sniper Rifle or Machine Guns.

Mode this farthest shot will affect the attack that comes from the given shot. Usually when holding a gun, mode given shot ie Auto.

So, if there is an opponent who is a short distance away, Burst is an option mode best.

In addition, the players also have to pay attention scope The selected. Usually scope which affects the distance when shooting ie scope 8x, scope this can also be useful for carrying out attacks.

If para individual skills If the player has mastered and understands the technique of shooting the farthest shot, it will make it easier for the player to play the farthest shot strategy with friends.

In addition to shooting skills to carry out attacks, other abilities that must be possessed are intelligence in defense.

Defense can be done by shooting back at the opponent while finding a safe place to hide.

When player playing in a team, one of the defense strategies that can be done is to lure your opponent into an area that is already controlled by the team and long-range shooters (snipers) has the role of killing the enemy when in an off guard position. 

Snipers with scope far away, usually also used to monitor the surroundings, but when player not precise and inaccurate, then could have turned threatened by a shot from a long distance snipers opposing team.

Until now, PUBG Mobile often surprised by the facts that occur in the playing field, currently there is an unbeaten record, namely the longest shot that has ever taken place on the battlefield.

However, for details how is the chronology of the most distant and powerful shot yet there is no further information, from the information available the shot came from Stalber at the end folder heading to Primorsk at the other end, the distance covered is about 6,766 meters.

Of the various types of weapons available, it is most likely that the shot was fired by a weapon with a long-range view scope x8 and not all weapons can use scope this. 

In general, to use scope this required a gun Sniper Rifles, but players prefer to use melee weapons. Because, as the zone shrinks, scope x8 is not effective to use to attack the opponent.

Going forward, technological developments will allow PUBG to carry out updates to improve performance specification of the available weapons.

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