5 Weaknesses of Bruno ML Hero, Note This Carefully!

Hero Bruno's weakness

If you want to beat him or you are a Bruno user, then you must know what are the 5 weaknesses of the Bruno ML hero. note some of these things carefully.

Bruno is one of the deadliest MM heroes in Mobile Legends, this hero is often opposed when playing rank like classic. He has everything he needs to win the game, this hero has a lot of damage with a deadly ability to control crowds.

But he also has flaws, do you know what are the weaknesses of the Bruno ML hero? Let's see below.

List of Weaknesses of Bruno MLBB Hero

By being aware of its shortcomings, it is hoped that you can play safely and stay away from things that can damage or interfere with its performance in the game. Check out the detailed explanation of Bruno's hero weaknesses in Mobile Legends below!

Has Very Low Durability

Hero Bruno's weakness
Hero Fragment Shop.

The first weakness of Bruno's hero is that he has very low durability, so it's very easy to kill him when the opponent's hero is locked.

Her strength is very low because this hero uses no defensive items in her build, her skills don't provide shields, and she has no physical and magical defensive abilities. When using this hero you have to play hard, don't be too barbaric when you are in battle.

As a MM hero, one of its drawbacks is its unfavorable condition. This is of course natural because he is the MM hero character in Mobile Legends. Make sure you play well so your opponent doesn't kill you easily.

Cannot be Invited to Play Solo Rank

Hero Bruno's weakness
Illustration of Push Rank

The weakness of the second Bruno hero is that he cannot play a solo rank, which clearly disturbs his teammates. This hero cannot play on a solo track because he does not have great power and little blinking skills, these two things make this hero easy to kill when he is killed by an enemy hero.

To overcome this problem, you can ask the Tank of Support hero to help and protect him on the Gold Lane.

He is easily killed by enemy heroes who have the ability to inflict explosive damage. He is very weak when dealing with typical heroes with explosive damage, so you have to stay away from him, or if you want to attack, you can be with your teammates.

The Third Skill Is Hard To Maximize

Hero Bruno's weakness

Weaknesses of heroes Another Bruno is his third skill which is bad in terms of maximizing, he needs the right moment for this skill to be deadly.

The name of the skill is (Wave of the World) Bruno kicks the ball hard, deals 250 damage (+83 percent total physical attack) and gives a kickback to the opposing hero. Not only that, the ball bounces off enemy heroes 10 times and gives another 150 (+ 50 percent of total physical attack) damage.

This skill can be useless and non-lethal, if it only hits the target, you have to find the right moment to maximize the use of these three skills, as if he were a group of opposing heroes. Good luck!

He seems to be a MM hero who relies heavily on his default items. Therefore, you are expected to use the correct building to maximize damage. He's a little weak because he doesn't use at least two basic things in the game.

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Cannot Deal Damage in Late Game

Hero Bruno's weakness

The weakness of Bruno's hero is that he cannot deal great damage to the tank hero explosion, as later it makes it difficult for him to take over the team and kill the opponent's main character.

He can't hurt the tank hero because none of the hero's skills deal real damage, so he takes a long time to kill the tank hero like in later games.

You can use objects that cause real damage as well as physical penetration, such as Endless Battle and Malefic Roar, to solve this problem. Good luck!

Even though his escape skill is good, he is also very weak against enemy heroes with cc abilities. His movements are easily stopped and when he is affected by cc effects, his movements are severely limited.

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Has a Short Standard Attack Range

Hero Bruno's weakness

The weakness of Bruno's hero that you need to note carefully is that he has a short standard attack range, which is a weakness because he can easily shoot him in battle.

The hero's basic attack is very short so he has to get close to the target to deal damage. There are no solid steps to overcome this shortcoming, only then can you find a safe position in the war. 

He also relies on his offensive abilities, especially his first skill. His attacks can be even more painful when he uses his first skill. You have to make full use of this one skill to increase the resulting damage!

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That's an explanation of the weaknesses of the Bruno Mobile Legends hero that you need to know. Hope you know the weaknesses of the Bruno hero so you can feel better when using him in the game!

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