Tiny Guardians, Another Tower Defense Game Than Most

Kurechii is a developer from Malaysia who produces games Tiny Guardians. This game carries the tower defense concept which is very fun to play. The story begins with a group of criminals who kidnap Lunalie's teacher, the main character in this game. Lunalie was chasing the herd. This main character has a supernatural advantage that can conjure cards to become a knight.

Unique Gameplay

Even though it's not a new gameplay, the developer presents unique creations in terms of delivery. Juggling cards into knights is an interesting innovation that is rarely found in other games. Player Tiny Guardians will go through stage after stage where each level must run from beginning to end where the enemy continues to attack along the way. Relying on the many types of knights they have, players must be very clever at strategizing, for example, which class to use first. In total, there are 12 classes that can be used, for example Archer, Warrior, Magician, and Berseker.

Each stage in  Tiny Guardians has its own technique and you have to pay attention to how much mana you have at the beginning of the game and which amount is needed to activate one hero. Incorrectly implementing tactics at the start of the game results in players being killed more quickly. The game ends when Lunalie's life runs out. Meanwhile, if a knight whose life runs out, can live again, but must wait for some time.

Tiny Guardians including a game that is quite difficult because there are many enemies that must be faced while at the same time arranging the position of the knight. For example Magicians, Archers, and Healers are suitable if assigned to the back row because if they are up close their strength will not be maximized. There is an upgrade mechanism that can be used for each hero owned if there are enough mana. When it is upgraded, the knight that is owned will be even stronger and more efficient.

With this mechanism too, Tiny Guardians prioritizes upgrading heroes rather than increasing their number. In addition to the heroes that have upgrade features, players are also given various power-ups to help them face their opponents. For example a power up in the form of a meteor shower which can automatically reduce the enemy's life quite a lot, or a feature to increase the character's life in certain zones.

Class Upgrade with Stars

The developer also presents a class upgrade mechanism utilizing the star collection that is obtained every time you complete a level. So if a player can collect 3 stars for each level, they will automatically get more open upgrade opportunities. To collect 3 stars can be done by calling the next wave of enemies even though it's not the time yet. Of course that will cause the player to be even more overwhelmed or even fail. But that's the time to practice completing the challenge.

In order to get the 12 available classes, there are several tricks that can be applied in Tiny Guardians. The actual player will also get it along with the game. Players can also buy payments using coins. The way to get coins is if the player successfully completes a level. But there are also other techniques, namely completing certain challenges provided by Tiny Guardians. The challenge is for example completing the same stage but cannot use support from the Warrior class, don't let the knight die, can only upgrade the character once. The accumulation of coins that can be obtained is affected by the level of difficulty. While the last strategy is to buy IAP.

Anime Style Visuals

Of course there will be many players who like the visuals presented in this game Tiny Guardians. The anime-style visuals are incredibly detailed and stunning. When compared to the game King's League Odyssey which was also made by the same developer before, the visuals of Tiny Guardians seem to have improved which can really spoil the eye. There's no need to doubt the graphics of Tiny Guardians.

Premium Android Games

Tiny Guardians not a free Android game, players must redeem Rp. 45,000. Even though it feels expensive, the first time you play it, you are guaranteed to be impressed and want to keep playing. This is especially for those who like the micro management type strategy game genre. Even though this game sometimes crashes, the presence of complete features plus such good graphics and gameplay makes it very fun to play.

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