This Item Can Make Us Have Ultimate Natalia Loh!

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Hero Natalia – Aloha Vicigers! For those of you fans or even included in one of the players Moba games online which is quite popular in Indonesia, ie Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you must have a lot of knowledge about heroes which is on games the.

Heroes what's inside games it also has roles different, that is tank roles, mage roles, marksman roles, fighter roles, support roles, and assassin roles. All roles it has many options heroes with ability or skills different.

If you are user role assassin, definitely no stranger to heroes whose name is Natalia. Heroes this is one assassins which have damage high as well skills which is very afraid to make heroes this is often in-tire let alone on Epic tiers.

skills this is very annoying skills third or skills ultimate, where Natalia can disappear from the lane and can attack suddenly. This is what makes Natalia included in it hero assassins which annoying especially if the enemy is dying.

But did you know? That there actually is items provided by Mobile Legend, where we can also follow in the footsteps of Natalia si assassins super annoying this. Yup! items this can make us disappear too when we are in the lane. Want to know?

Physical or Magical

For those of you who are curious about items this, you will be surprised that items this is not from physical items or magical Natalia is basically attacking. But it turns out items it comes from items which are usually used by the tank and support.


No defense items, but roam items! Roaming items called "Conceal“This can make us disappear for a while and further than that, items this can also increase a number movement speed when activated.

For those of you who don't know anything about roam items, we will discuss a little about roam items. So, roam items this is very good to use when early game. Why? Because items this will bring benefits to team members, esp cores.

If you use items this, heroes you will not get gold when it kills minion or jungle. gold what you should get will move to teammates around you.

However, if you help cores in battle, or even when you get one assists, then you will get gold which is more than friends who get kill.

Besides that, items this will also create exp-mu increases slowly on early game. So if a team member has reached level 4 while you just want to go up to level 2. But don't worry, as the game progresses, exp-You will greatly improve.

Details from items This in itself is able to make us disappear and can make friends who are around us also disappear. Besides that, as said earlier, items this can also get you movement speed.

So how? Loss or gain if we use items this?

Now,! If you use roles tank or support whose job it is to help and protect the team, then items it will be very profitable to use. Because the second roles this has more chances to get assists than kill.

The more you get the more assists, the more benefits you can get from items this. Besides that, items this will really help the team on early games to collect gold and exp more in less time.

This thing will make cores which serves as the main weapon is getting stronger and sicker. With this, it will be easier for your team to get more points and benefits.

Then is it only support and tank only can use items this?

Oh of course not! If you are user roles otherwise, it's legal if you want to use items this. However, don't make it items this as items the main one you bought on early games. Why? Because it will be very detrimental for you to use.

use it items this only during certain circumstances, for example after you have a lot gold or if you want to sneak around to attack enemies. When you manage to get kill, you better sell it back items this.

Those are some descriptions of similar items ultimate This Natalia. How? Interested to try items unique on this one?

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