Hero Silvana, the Most Effective Fighter Lock!

hero silvana

Hola Vicigers! Hero Silvana is heroes which have fighter mage Mobile Legends: Bang Bang which have lockdown and bursts very strong.

The thing that makes Silvana strong is because she has an ulti that can lock up the hero she has mobility high enough to force them to fight back heroes Silvana. Besides that, heroes Silvana has a very strong solo ability.

Heroes Silvana also has lifesteal which is very high and easy to win on condition that it is not hit crowd control. Heroes Silvana can be used in sidelane with some build which he even famous for being able to clean creeps quickly.

Recommended Build Items for Hero Silvana

builds is very important, heroes will become weak if not properly used build. builds suitable for heroes Silvana is Warrior Boots, Concentrated Energy, Feather of Heaven, oracle, and immortality.

builds first ie Warrior Boots to add movement speed which adds +22 Physical Defense. Concentrated Energy, build it can add +70 magic power, +700 MOBILE PHONE, and also attribute +25% magical Lifesteal.

What's the Mainstay Skill, anyway?

Passive skills owned by Silvana viz Knightess Resolve which it strengthens hero's basic attack Silvana, reduce physical and magical defense target by 3-6 and increase damage heroes Silvana is 30%.

Feather of Heaven can add +65 magic power, +30% attack speed, and +5% movement speed. Then Immortality can add +800 HP and +40 Physical Defense. Immortality this can resurrect 2 seconds after being eliminated by the enemy and get 15% HP as well shields which can absorb 300-1000 damage.

In addition, Silvana has skills one ie Cometic Lance which Silvana stabs the target, dealing 150 (+70% total magic power) and causes an effect stun for one second. If it hits the target then skills it can be reused blink skills which can give 250 (+100% total magic power).

skills two ie Strangling spirals which Silvana spins her spear in the specified direction six times, then deals 165 (+45 total magic power) and pulls the opponent to the center. Besides that, at the same time Silvana got shields which can absorb 450 (+105% total magic power).

skills three owned by Silvana viz Imperial Justice which Silvana jumps in the designated direction, then creates a circle that encircles the target for 3.5 seconds, and deals 350 (+110% total magic power), give effect slow by 40% for 1.5 seconds then increase by 200% attack speed and 80% lifesteal magic. Skill-it's great isn't it?

Heroes Silvana is one fighter heroes which have damage a big one at the time early game nor in late game. When early game advised to focus on exp lane with the intention of farming also enrich themselves, destroy the opponent's turret and at the same time help the team that is war.

If you have entered late game Silvana's focus is to help a struggling team war, in this phase must play bars, lock hero core fight and level all your opponents. Don't forget to keep playing objective to destroy turret and kill Lord.

Ccombo skills the deadliest it has heroes Silvana is the first to use skills one for effect stun to the opponent, after using the effect then use ultimate skills right to the target location and the last using skills two and basic attacks to kill heroes another. Don't miss, so the game can be won!

In addition, a very powerful thing from heroes Silvana is her ulti. it makes heroes Silvana jumps and lands in the middle of the enemy, the enemy in the middle of the area will be chained and bound until the duration is over.

Silvana will create a small area in her ultimate area. This area will deliver buff whose effect is not kidding. Heroes Silvana will get an ASPD boost and lifesteal of 100%.

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Interesting right heroes This Silvana? Good luck! Hopefully your Silvana game will get better and more undefeated and then win matches and your level can rise quickly.

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