Talon Esports at PMSL SEA 2024: Ambition to become World Champion

Talon Esports is a team filled with former players from other elite teams, such as Persija EVOS, ARF Team, and 21NFT Esports
Talon Esports
Talon Esports. Source: VCGamers

Talon Esports at PMSL SEA Spring 2024 is ready to face competition with big targets. This team is one of Indonesia's representatives which has a strong composition.

In this article, we will look at Talon Esports' preparations and expectations ahead of this competition.

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Talon Esports
PMSL SEA 2024. Source: VCGamers

PMSL SEA Spring is a PUBG Mobile tournament held every year in Southeast Asia. This tournament is a continuation of PMSL SEA Spring in 2023.

PMSL is a multi-regional event developed by Level Infinite, a company that focuses on developing the esports industry.

In 2024, PMSL SEA Spring will be attended by a total of 16 partnership teams from 4 countries, namely Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.

Apart from that, there are also 4 additional teams from the PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC) route, so that a total of 20 teams are participating.

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Talon Esports at PMSL SEA 2024

Talon Esports
The Roster. Source: VCGamers

Talon Esports is a team consisting of former players from Persija EVOS, ARF Team, and 21NFT Esports. They are considered the Dark Horse team in PMSL SEA Spring 2024.

This team has a composition of potential players such as Alvin Sahri “Miseryy” Ramadhan, Eksarachman “RedFace” Jayanto, Apta Oscar “Linxx” Arden, Nicholas “Axel” Teja, and Marchellino “Linixx” Rivael.

The Talon Esports roster brings experienced players, some of whom have played at the Indonesian PMPL level. They are ready to face SEA level competition and show their best abilities in PMSL SEA Spring 2024.

Talon Esports Preparation

Team Preparation
Team Preparation. Source: VCGamers

Talon Esports has made thorough preparations to face PMSL SEA Spring 2024. Miseryy, the team's In-Game Leader, said that preparations start with practice (scrim) and participating in pre-season tournaments such as Ruthless. They focus on building team strength by bringing in new player compositions.

“Our preparation starts from scrims, and continues to practice following tournaments like Ruthless. We try to connect with each other first and build a sense of trust. "We want to improve communication between players to be better," said Miseryy.

The team also received guidance from their coach, S1NYO. This coach stated that Talon Esports is a new team, so they need to make adjustments. Especially for two new players, Axel and Linixx, who have never participated in PMSL before. For this reason, the coach helps and guides them to adapt quickly and build chemistry with the team.

“We are also a new team with two new players from the previous team who have not experienced the PMSL (tournament). "So, we try to help and guide them to quickly adapt and gain chemistry with the team," said S1NYO.

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Talon Esports Challenges and Expectations

Team Hope
Talon Team's hopes for PMSL 2024. Source: VCGamers

Although Talon Esports faces challenges in uniting new players with different playstyles, they are optimistic that they can overcome this. Miseryy said that adaptation is the key in dealing with these differences.

“(They) say it's quite difficult, no. However, there is a different personality from the previous team and that concerns us. "We are trying to build trust again and we are trying to implement what kind of playstyle we want and how they adapt," explained Miseryy.

S1NYO, the coach, has high hopes for Talon Esports in PMSL SEA Spring 2024. He hopes this team will be the best and chase the world title.

“Hopefully we will be the best team this year. If all our hopes can be achieved, praise God. If not, that means we still have to learn more. "However, for personal goals and the goals that I instill in my children, we will pursue the world title," concluded S1NYO.

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This team is ready to face PMSL SEA Spring 2024 with thorough preparation. This team has a strong composition of players and is optimistic about winning the world title.

Even though they face challenges in bringing together new players, Talon Esports is confident they can overcome this. Support from coaches and teamwork are the keys to achieving success in this competition.

With thorough preparation and high fighting spirit, Talon Esports hopes to achieve their best goals in PMSL SEA Spring 2024. We are waiting for their performance in this tournament and hope they succeed in achieving brilliant results.

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