Frequently Getting Banned, It Turns Out That These Are the Advantages of Hero Fanny ML

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There are several reasons why the hero Fanny ML is often banned by players on Mobile Legends. Curious? Check this article to find out.

Fanny is an assassin hero that is difficult to play and often gets banned, so first know some of the advantages of the Fanny ML hero before you want to learn to master this one hero in Mobile Legends.

If you want to try playing the most difficult hero to play in Mobile Legends, you must know the strengths of the Fanny ML hero. This is to increase your knowledge about it before playing.

On this occasion, we will provide information about the advantages of the Fanny ML hero who often gets banned. Look carefully at the following reviews so you don't fall for it!

The advantages of Hero Fanny ML

He is one of the deadliest assassin heroes in the Mobile Legends game, you can easily win matches by dominating the game. He is one of the more difficult heroes to dominate, he even took months to dominate this hero with a high banned rate.

High Mobility Among Hero Assassins

Hero Fanny ML

The first advantage of this assassin is that it has very high mobility, thanks to the ability of the steel cable that this hero has to rotate quickly. He can go to any lane he wants.

His own Steel Cable allows you to fly in the desired direction, with this ability he can easily do farming, as well as teamfight when he wants. Even so, it is quite difficult to control it.

He is also very agile, this is his most superior advantage. Of the four skills possessed by this hero, both steel cable skills are skills that make him very agile. This skill has a very long range, he can throw the cable at the specified address and stop at the location if the cable hits a wall or obstacle.

This ability makes it easy to chase and quickly oppose enemies, roaming and fleeing in search of enemies. Very good, right?

Crazy Damage

Hero Fanny ML

Furthermore, he has enormous damage, the faster you attack your opponent, the more damage you will issue. In this case, you must really understand about this terrible hero.

The more heroes you fight with him, the more often he attacks, and of course you can also rely on walls so that the attacks are faster and the damage will be even greater. Most heroes with high damage will definitely be banned by other players.

Having great damage is a very rare advantage of a physical type assassin. The damage is very large when in early matches because of passive skills (air superiority).

This ability increases his damage by 15 percent to 30 percent when flying. This ability makes him quickly mate against opponents in early matches.

Skill Escape mechanics

Hero Fanny ML
MLBB skills

The thing that makes Fanny ML's hero often get banned is the skill escape mechanism which is very capable. This one hero has two skills that don't even use cooldown, this is what makes him have these skills without limits and often gets banned.

No need to wait for cooldown or anything, as long as you have energy and also direct the cable to the wall, it will be very easy for him to run away or chase his opponent.

Having high endurance, this is an advantage that heroes rarely have in the assassin role. There were two reasons why he had such high endurance.

Firstly because his second skill has a very heavy life effect and most recently because he uses defensive items such as Queen Wins and Antiquity. This ability makes him play barbarian in the early and late games and opponents will find it difficult to kill him.

Very OP in the Early Game

Hero Fanny ML
Triple Kills

This Assassin is one of the very OP heroes in the early game, just by using skills two and one, he can easily kill opponents. This hero user usually rushes in the early game to get a kill.

But unfortunately, even though he is strong in the early game, he is definitely weak when the late game arrives. Make sure you, the hero assassin users, always finish the game as quickly as possible.

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Can Farm Quickly

Hero Fanny ML

The last advantage of the Fanny ML hero is its very fast farming ability. This is because he does have great damage and allows him to beat the jungle quickly.

Not only that, with his ability with his second skill, he can rotate to any jungle very quickly. That's why this one hero is difficult to beat, especially for those who are pro at playing this hero.

He is also capable of being a team support, this advantage makes him no longer trust victory against other people and is the most recommended hero for solo players.

He has great damage in early matches, he can slim very fast, and the last fanny can push Lord. With this ability, of course, he can carry the team, you don't need to hesitate to use him as a Hyper Carry. 

Believe it or not, Fanny ML's hero can kill MM easily, when in the early or late game only using combo skills. Just use a combo of two skills, three skills, two skills and ulti. Guaranteed MM will soon be killed.

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So, those are some of the reasons and strengths of Fanny in Mobile Legends that make her get banned frequently by players.

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