Finally! Steam Can Be Opened, How Else?

Kominfo finally unblocked Steam today, so Steam can open again. The foreign PSE registration policy by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics has worried various groups of Indonesian society, especially among gamers.

The reaction of the Indonesian people towards the blocking of various gaming platforms up to PayPal is almost similar. The majority of people criticize Kominfo for policies that are considered very detrimental, especially detrimental to gamers and freelancers who live from digital platforms.

For unblocking by Kominfo, global companies must register foreign PSE with Kominfo. Finally, Valve has registered with Kominfo and today the Steam block has been opened.

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Steam Can Be Opened

Steam Can Be Opened
Steam Can Be Opened Without VPN or DNS. Source: VCGamers

August 2 marks the date Steam can be opened. Valve has registered Steam, Dota 2, and CS: GO with Kominfo and finally they are no longer blocked. Vicigers don't need to use paid DNS or VPN to access Steam.

VCGamers has confirmed that Steam access no longer requires DNS with Indihome internet. Previously, Kominfo had blocked the Steam digital platform along with Valve's Dota 2 and CS:GO.

The blocking by Kominfo occurred because Valve had not yet registered foreign PSEs after receiving a warning letter from Kominfo. However, after that Valve and Kominfo communicated to unblock Steam.

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Not Only Steam Can Be Opened

Steam and Ubisoft Can Be Opened
Ubisoft Can Be Opened Without a VPN or Changing DNS. Source: VCGamers

Valve has registered Steam, Dota 2, and CS: GO with Kominfo. Finally, Indonesian people can access Steam and the two games owned by Valve without changing DNS or using a VPN.

Not only Valves Ubisoft Connect also not blocked anymore. Vicigers can now play their favorite Ubisoft Connect games like Rainbow Six without having to use a VPN or change DNS.

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Other Gaming Platform News

Epic Games Still Blocked
Epic Games Still Blocked. Source: VCGamers

Not only Steam, Kominfo also blocks other game platforms that have not followed the foreign PSE registration policy. The other game platforms are Origin by EA and Epic Games Store by Epic Games.

It is unclear whether the two platforms will be accessible soon or not. Because, EA and Epic Games have not yet registered foreign PSEs and follow the policies by Kominfo.

Unblocking Other Websites

Origin Cannot Be Opened Without a VPN
Origin Still Blocked by Kominfo. Source: VCGamers

Kominfo ensures that other game platforms that have followed the MR5 policy regarding foreign PSE registration will have their block status removed.

So, for Indonesian people to be able to access game platforms, companies that own these game platforms must follow Kominfo policies.

EA as the company that owns Origin must follow the Ministry of Communication and Information's policy so that Indonesian gamers can access Origin without using DNS or VPN.

Likewise with Epic Games, parties from Epic Games must register their website with Kominfo. However, now Steam can be opened and Indonesian people don't need a VPN or change DNS to access Steam.

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