The Most Powerful SMG Free Fire To Use In 2022

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SMG is the easiest weapon class to use in Free Fire. Check this post to find out the most powerful SMGs in Free Fire to use in 2022.

SMG is the most popular class of weapon in Free Fire. They are easy to use and can deal an incredible amount of damage at close to medium range. Despite a recent nerf on OB32, the SMG is still very useful.

Therefore, in this article, we will present the most powerful SMGs in Free Fire to use in 2022.

List of the Most Powerful SMGs in Free Fire 2022

Vector (Akimbo)

The Most Powerful SMG in Free Fire

The first most powerful SMG in Free Fire is Vector. Vector is the first Akimbo weapon in Free Fire, it has a short effective range, but devastating power at close range.

Even after all the nerfs in the previous patch, Vector Akimbo is still super strong. With a fire rate of 81, the Vector is the second fastest weapon in the game, only slightly slower than the MP40.


The Most Powerful SMG in Free Fire

Free Fire's next most powerful SMG is the MAC 10 weapon. The MAC 10 with built-in silencer is the newest addition to the SMG class in OB31. With the silencer pre-installed, MAC 10 users can easily stab enemies in the back without them noticing.

In terms of stats, the MAC 10 is a well-balanced weapon with good range, damage and rate of fire. Fierce enough to kill a full squad.

The weapon is a Sub-Machine Gun or SMG type weapon. The SMG weapon is named MAC-10. The shape itself is quite small when compared to various other SMG weapons in Free Fire. Become Free Fire's most powerful SMG until now.


The Most Powerful SMG in Free Fire

The MP40 remains the fastest weapon in Free Fire, with 83 fire rates. The recoil and damage are pretty decent, the range is terrible and you can't use a muzzle to fix that problem.

If you're using the MP40, try to get a stock gun for longer range and extra magazines to increase its spam ability even further.


The UMP is probably the best SMG stats, with decent damage, rate of fire and accuracy across the board. However, its greatest strength is its ability to penetrate armor, allowing the weapon to maintain its effectiveness even in the late game.

It is very important to find a foregrip as soon as possible to increase the stability of the UMP.


The Most Powerful SMG in Free Fire

CG15 has similar damage, movement speed, and rate of fire to other weapons in its class, but other stats are not much different.

In exchange for 10-20 fewer bullets in the magazine, the CG15 has much higher range, reload speed, and accuracy, similar to the Assault Rifle. This means you can use a gun instead of an AR if you haven't found one yet.

In terms of attachments, the CG15 comes with its own built-in scope, which is around x2 usable for mid-range combat. The best feature of the CG15 is its ability to charge up to fire more powerful shots.

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One Shot on PUBG

The VSS is even better at shooting than the CG15. With a range of 82, you can use it in the same way as a Sniper or Assault rifle. Because you have the scope already attached, you can immediately start the battle without any problems.

The main advantage of this VSS weapon is that it has a very straight recoil. Besides that, many players like to use this weapon.

Because this straight recoil makes weapons of the M416 class useless because players prefer to use this VSS weapon because it only uses 3 attachments.

However, DPS VSS is not as good as a normal sniper. It has as much DPS as the average AR. In addition, there is also a VSS weapon, a weapon to target enemies at a distance without making a sound.

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So, those were some of the most powerful SMG weapons in Free Fire that you can use to win battles in the game.

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