Setup Spycam Cypher on Map Bind Valorant!

Hello Vicigers, in this article we will discuss setting up Spycam Cypher in the Bind folder Valorant. Bind is one of the best maps to setup Spycam Cypher in Valorant, because with a good Spycam Cypher and Trapwire setup they will be able to withstand aggressive enemy attacks from spike plant locations A and B in Valorant.

Valorant, like CS:GO, information comes first. Knowing where your enemies are hiding or coming will allow your team to react better and make winning rounds much easier in Valorant.

So, in this Guide valorant session, we are going to introduce you to some of the amazing Spycam placements in the Bind Valorant map that your enemies would never suspect.

Setup Spycam Cypher on Map Bind Valorant!

Site B Defense

  • Above the B-Hookah Window
Setup Spycam Cypher on Map Bind Valorant!

The site cam above the Hookah window will allow you to have clear vision access from all entry points to site planting B.

you can see B-Hall, B-Elbow, B-Garden, and B-Window all from one position.

  • On top of the building near the B-hall
Setup Spycam Cypher on Map Bind Valorant!

This Cypher Spycam setup is an unusual position to place your camera that almost no enemy sees to check. You'll be able to clearly see the inside of the B-Hookah with this along with the B-Long garden and B-Elbow connectors.

  • In the Teleporter building
Setup Spycam Cypher on Map Bind Valorant!

If you guys want to have an aggressive vision of B-longs, this place will be perfect. You will be able to clearly see B-Long and B-Teleporter, besides B-Window and B-Hall as well.

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Mid Site Defense

  • On B-Hookahs
Setup Spycam Cypher on Map Bind Valorant!

The ceiling on the B-Hookah is an amazing place to setup your Spycam Cypher. This will include a B-Short view of the Hookah entrance, as well as a Window view, giving you a quick warning if an enemy is planning a fast planting on B.

  • B-Short, next to the Teleporter Gate
Setup Spycam Cypher on Map Bind Valorant!

This is another unique place to place your camera. This provides complete vision from the B-Short entrance to the B-Hookah, which raid teams usually love to hunt and exploit, especially if they have multiple incoming fraggers like Breach and Phoenix.

Site A Defense

  • Behind the A-Site near the Tower
Setup Spycam Cypher on Map Bind Valorant!

If you are on guard duty at site A, give this amazing place a try. This will provide full vision access to the A-Short and A-Cubby along with the A-Bath and A-Lamps entrances.

This is one of the places that you can take advantage of in every game in Valorant.

  • At the entrance to the A-Towers
Setup Spycam Cypher on Map Bind Valorant!

Even though this camera place is very closed you can still get a lot of valuable information from it. This covers both the Bath and A-Cubby entrances and you'll still have plenty of sight control.

When Attacking

  • Between A-Short and A-Cubby
Setup Spycam Cypher on Map Bind Valorant!

This place will give you a clear vision of the A-Site, and also with the A-Tower, and the entrance to the A-Bath. This is a good position to place your camera if you want to aggressively control your site. And make it easy for you to take over the site.

  • Right outside A-Bath
Setup Spycam Cypher on Map Bind Valorant!

Site-A has many corners where the team can defend and can stand and camp there. So, if you don't have Breach or Phoenix on your team, you can use this simple camera placement trick to see all angles.

Those are some Spycam Cypher setups on Valorant's Map Bind. You can still experiment with other setups. And make this article your reference when playing. We hope this article is useful and can add insight to your game of Valorant.

You can still look for other references for other setups regarding Cypher agents and become a pro Cypher player so you can contribute more to your teammates and get lots of wins in every match you play.

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