Savefrom: Definition, Advantages and How to Use!


For those who like to download videos on social media, you must know a software site called Savefrom. This site is useful for download videos from social media without watermark which is annoying.

Often Instagram users in ticktock using this app save their favorite videos. Because this site can download videos without watermark.

In fact, savefrom is the best online tool that provides services to download audio and video files from websites stream.

This cool site has various audio and video formats that you can download locally on the cellphone you are using.

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Meaning of SaveFrom

SaveFrom website
SaveFrom website. Source: SaveFrom

SaveFrom is a site where you can download videos or audio from various platforms, such as FB, IG, Twitter, YouTube, and many others with the desired resolution.

Especially on the YouTube platform, especially videos that discuss methods or lessons that require time and thoroughness in the end, and fear of forgetting if you don't have lessons on your computer or cellphone.

If you look at the site, this service not only offers the convenience of downloading videos from YouTube, but also includes other sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, DailyMotion and many more.

Apart from that, not only can you download videos, but you can also download music easily and for free. You can also adjust the resolution and quality according to your needs.

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Advantages of SaveFrom

Advantages of SaveFrom
Advantages of SaveFrom. Source: VCGamers

You may have seen many downloader sites, but you will hear the name more often. What are the advantages of using this site? Check out the following explanation!


By opening the site, or installing an application on your favorite browser or device, you can download any video or photo you like.

You can do all of that without paying anything, apart from internet entry fees, of course. So all for free. Even though it's free, you can still download the videos you want to save without any restrictions.

Can Download from Various Sources

As previously mentioned, the advantage that you can get is that you can download videos from various social media, even those on SoundCloud, Hotstar, can be installed on chrome, Chromium, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. There are also apps that can be installed on Android or iPhone devices.

Good quality

All videos downloaded from SaveFrom provide good quality without cracking or stuttering.

Therefore, you can watch tutorial videos without complaining that the quality of the videos provided is not as expected. However, the quality will depend on where the video is downloaded from.

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How to Use SaveFrom

How to Download Songs
Download songs at Source:

How to use this application or service is simple, and of course ordinary people can follow it.

  1. First, Vicigers must have the link of the video you want to download;
  2. Visit the site;
  3. Paste the video link you want to download, then an option will appear before downloading it;
  4. Then, you can choose the resolution you want, but we recommend 720P;
  5. Then click Download to start the process of downloading favorite videos;
  6. Done.

It should be noted that the download speed will depend on the speed and stability of the internet connection on the cellphone you are using.

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