PEI Results 1 Day 1: Domination by Chinese Teams


PEI Results 1 Day 1: Domination by Chinese Teams

The first day of the Peace Elite Asia Invitational (PEI) Tournament 2021 Day One has rolled around, teams from China dominated the standings on the first day.

PEI Results 1 Day 1: Domination by Chinese Teams

As many as 5 matches played, we can see that teams from outside of China seem to have no move, and find it difficult to adapt.

Team Weibo and Huya FA dominated the tournament because from yesterday's match on the first day, only these two teams got WWCD.

It is indeed very difficult for other teams to adapt to the FPP and Hardcore Mode games that are played in the tournament.

Even so Bigetron Red Aliens as a representative from Indonesia made it into the Top 5 on the leaderboard.

Team China Dominates PEI 2021 Day 1!

Of the 15 teams that played, only 2 teams received WWCD on the first day, namely Weibo and Huya FA.

They really showed a very good game, considering their experience in playing Hardcore Mode and also FPP.

The following are the results obtained by the two teams:

  • Miramar: Weibo
  • Miramar: Huya FA
  • Sanhok: Weibo
  • Erangel: Huya FA
  • Erangel: Weibo
source: pubg peace

Seeing the results they got, it might be hard for all of you to believe, because Weibo and Huya FA only alternately got WWCD.

Because of that, in the end, the two of them were ranked at the top of the standings, but the 2nd place went to RNG.

In the last 2 matches, RNG collected so many points that they were able to catch up with Huya FA.

Even though in the second match, RNG didn't get any points, so being able to take second place was a tough effort.

Zeus Esports and Bigetron RA made it into the Top 5, even though they won no more than 20 points per match.

In contrast to the Chinese teams who dominated the match, the minimum points they got must have been 20 points.

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So, there are still two more days until the final day, let's just pray that the Indonesian team and teams from other countries can catch up to their defeat in this tournament!

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