The Best Tower of Fantasy Server Recommendations in Southeast Asia!

Fantasia Tower of Fantasy servers

Tower of Fantasy has arrived in its global release on August 10, 2022. Currently, Tower of Fantasy has various server choices according to region or region. This time, VCGamers will discuss recommendations for Tower of Fantasy servers in Southeast Asia.

For Vicigers who have just downloaded Tower of Fantasy, they might be confused about choosing a server, seeing the many choices available. The following are server recommendations and tips on choosing a server that is comfortable for Vicigers.

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Recommended Southeast Asia Tower of Fantasy Servers

Choice of Tower of Fantasy Servers
Tower of Fantasy Server Options Menu. Source: VCGamers

There are 22 server options available in the Southeast Asia region. Each server has a diverse population of players, so the playing experience will also be affected due to the level of player population on one server.

Vicigers can choose crowded server recommendations because they can meet lots of new friends who help with adventures while playing. In addition, the playing experience will be more enjoyable if you meet other Indonesians.

The Chandra server has many Indonesian players. If Vicigers sees World Chat on the server, they will definitely see players who use Indonesian. Whether to discuss to invite to join Crew.

Not only Chandra, Aeria and Phantasia are also servers full of Indonesian players. The advantage of playing with Indonesian players is the ease of communicating.

A server named Fantasia can also be Vicigers' choice. Even though there are still players from other Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, there are still many Indonesian players who play on the Fantasia Server.

There are also quite a lot of Indonesian crew on the Fantasia Server. The author is currently joining the Indonesian Crew on the Fantasia Server. If Vicigers are still confused, let's take a look at the short tips for choosing a Tower of Fantasy server below!

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Tips for Choosing a Server

Full Tower of Fantasy Servers
Fully ToF Server Example. Source: AOTF

The first tip is to choose a server according to the region. In this MMO game, Ping or connection speed with the server is also very influential. So, by choosing a Southeast Asian server, Vicigers can play more smoothly compared to servers in other regions.

Second, choose a server that is busy with players. With a high population, Vicigers can find more friends.

Also, choose the same server as friends. Currently, Tower of Fantasy players cannot play with players on different servers. So, if Vicigers has friends who play Tower of Fantasy, choose the same server as them.

The third tip is to choose a server that is not so crowded. Even though a server with a high population is very important, if it's too crowded it will be difficult for Vicigers to enter the server.

Vicigers can see whether or not a server is full from the color next to the server name. Gray means the server is currently under maintenance, green means smooth, yellow means quite busy, and red means Vicigers have to wait before entering the server.

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Moving Characters Across Servers

Fantasia Tower of Fantasy servers
List of Characters in Server. Source: VCGamers

Currently, players are still unable to transfer characters across servers. If Vicigers wants to change servers, they have to create characters from scratch. So, this article aims to avoid that.

Choose a server that Vicigers will always play on. Because, when Vicigers plays on one server and wants to move, they have to repeat the progress that Vicigers has achieved for a long time.

Thus the discussion regarding recommendations and tips for Tower of Fantasy servers. For all your top up needs, come visit VC Market by VCGamers!

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