Complete Valorant Rankings, Valorant Players Must Know!


In-game Valorant, there are several ranks where these ranks can describe Valorant players who have been playing the game for a long time or have just started playing the game. Therefore it is very important to memorize Valorant's rank so that we can understand this game better.

Valorant ranks

Valorant Rank is an important aspect of type games First Person Shooter this and should at least be known by every player of this game. Each Valorant Rank certainly has a different level of difficulty, the more you are in the top rank, the more difficult it will be to play this game.

But before you enter the Rank system in this game, Valorant provides a condition where players must first complete 10 Unrated games, and 5 Placement matches which can help the system to place a suitable rank.

After the players carry out these stages, then the players can play battles rank in fashion Competitive. In the Valorant game itself, there are 8 ranks in this game, here are the Valorant ranks that you must memorize!

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valorant rank
Valorant Mobile

Iron rank is a Valorant rank that is quite open when you just play this game, and this rank is usually open for players who are new to this FPS game.

In the Iron rank itself, there are tiers, where you have to collect each tier rank Ratings (RR) so that you can enter the next rank.

Because this rank is considered the initial rank, therefore you will meet players who are still relatively new to playing the Valorant game.


valorant rank
Peek Mid Valorant. Source: YouTube/LucasFL99

If you have leveled up from Iron, you will enter the Bronze Rank. Just like the previous rank, this Bronze rank can be said to be a rank that is quite easy to play with other players.

For new Valorant players, quite a number of Valorant players have stopped at this rank because they are considered to be quite competitive. To pass this rank, you must pass 3 Bronze tiers so you can reach the next rank.

If you are still constrained at this level, you have to practice again in playing this game.

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valorant rank
Valorant Mobile Agent Select. Source: twitter/ValorLeaks

If you have touched this Silver rank, don't be surprised if you have met players who understand aim, placement crosshair, and other techniques. If you are at this level, you could say it's difficult but it can also be easy.

This is because if the MMR of a Valorant player's account is high, later that player will more often meet other Valorant players who have a Gold rank.

If you have reached this level, make sure you understand the techniques in Valorant.

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Based on data information reported by Riot Game, the Gold level is the level with the most number of players. This rank is also a fairly middle rank, where there are many high and low class players in this rank.

At this rank, there are also many players who can master the skills of each agent, both the strengths and counters of each agent and aim. Generally, players who have entered the Gold rank are long-time Valorant players.


Top Frag Valorant. Source: Twitter/@@Rach43l_txt

This Platinum rank is a rank whose characteristics are similar to players with Gold rank, where there are already many reliable players who have mastered the skills of each agent and trained aim.

Apart from individual abilities, generally players who have touched Platinum already have a mature strategy when playing with their party. But if players have reached Platinum 3, they are usually much more reliable in relying on agent skills and even better aim.

If you have entered Platinum, surely you already know that this level has entered a fairly competitive level, which means you can meet reliable players.

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Diamond is one of the highest levels in Valorant, that's why players who have reached this level must be very neat in terms of skill and aim.

And, because this diamond is one of the highest levels, it can be said that the game sense of players at this level is much higher than gold players and below.



According to Riot Game, there are more than 11,000 Immortal players in one server region. Of course, this number is quite high compared to other levels.

So it's no wonder that if you have touched the Immortal tier, you will meet pro players who are experts and experienced in Valorant. Players who have touched this level are also players who are very pro and have experience in the competitive scene at both the regional and national levels.



Radiant is the highest rank in this Valorant game, so it's no wonder this level is filled with players who are already very pro from all sides, be it agent skills, aim, to crosshair placement. Only the best Valorant players can touch this Radiant tier.

In addition, Radiant is also a rank where pro player and streamers with very high skill when playing Valorant.

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