Rafaela's Best Gameplay Tips in Mobile Legends 2022

Build Rafaela and Gameplay Rafaela

Gameplay Rafaela as a support in Mobile Legends 2022 is playing with Tanks and don't be too barbaric at the start.

Rafaela is one of the most popular supports in Mobile Legends, this hero is often the choice of many players when there is a shortage of support heroes. He has everything he needs to help the team's heroes, he is able to regenerate HP to give a deadly crowd control effect.

Gameplay hero support is very dynamic throughout the game. Let's see how Rafaela can be effective in the early, mid, and late game. Our Rafaela gameplay guide covers the perfect game plan to get victory in Mobile Legends. 

However, you must need a good understanding of the map to be able to kill enemy heroes in Land Of Dawn.

Gameplay Rafaela MLBB

Early Game

Gameplay Rafaela
Early Game

Gameplay Rafaela has to buy a courage mask and accompany her teammates. The first skill is good for getting first blood because of the low cooldown and slow effect.

Poke enemies with their first skill whenever possible to force them back to base. Don't be afraid to be at the forefront in the early game because most heroes don't have the ability to kill him in the first few minutes.

The early game is the most important time in the game Mobile Legends, being able to play well in the early game is most likely to win the game easily. You have to buy a level one Roaming item, namely a Wooden Mask, this is so that the core hero can get rich quickly.

You also have to help and protect the core heroes when farming and jungling, opening maps and also roaming up and down to help the team heroes who are in trouble.

You must be willing to die in order to protect the core heroes and also the team heroes, use all the skills you have to help and lock the movements of the opposing heroes.

Mid Game

Gameplay Rafaela
Mid Game

After getting Rapid Boots, you must and must be in every teamfight. Heal, slow, and Focusing Mark are very important in teamfights so that your teammates can catch up or finish off low-level enemies.

Don't forget that you can't be alone all the time starting from mid game because his wave clear is quite bad, he's better with his teammates.

Late Game

Gameplay Rafaela
Late Game

Staying behind is a must for this slick lady in team fights. Apart from spam healing skills, he also has to spam his first skill to get a focus mark and a slow effect.

Only use his ultimate when needed, such as when the enemies are in groups, running away, or chasing enemies with low HP. Being alive can determine victory in team fights so Immortality is a must in the late game.

This mage is a very popular counter against Natalia because her first skill can reveal Natalia's location.

In addition, he is also good against melee heroes who need to close the gap to fight because his poking, slow, and sprint skills can run away or chase melee heroes very effectively.

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War tips for Rafaela's gameplay

Gameplay Rafaela

As support, of course you shouldn't be neglected to carry out war, the team may suffer defeat if you play arbitrarily. When open war, you should not hesitate, especially the fear of dying during war.

You also focus on protecting the team, use all the skills that should protect the team, even Mukil and Lust. Then, the latter always uses combo skills when in war, don't be ignored when using this combo skill.

Like other backline support, his squishiness makes him very vulnerable to assassins and burst damage. Most of the time, a single combo can kill him, so keep Assassin in mind. Also pay attention to the CC hero, because he's almost useless when he's CC-ed.

Rafaela is a knowledgeable and underrated support. Others prefer Estes or Angela as their support but in truth, she is just as good, if not better than the other supports.

Remember the role of support, namely helping teammates to get kills and pushes. If the team line up needs support, you can be an excellent choice at any time.

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That's all for today's guide on Rafaela's gameplay in Mobile Legends. Would you rather use Rafaela's gameplay in another way? Let us know in the comments section below!

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