New PB Event, Battle Pass and Haunted October!

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The popularity of Point Blank or PB is increasing because of the ongoing events. This time, PB announced a new event, the Battle Pass and a login gift event titled Hunted October.

PB fans, of course, always look forward to exciting events as motivation to keep playing this legendary game.

The following is a discussion of the latest Point Blank event. PB server will experience maintenance on October 11th and launched an exciting event that players can enjoy.

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Latest PB (Point Blank) Event

New PB Event Haunted October
Latest PB Events. Source: Point Blank Indonesia

Like popular games in general, Point Blank has seasonal events namely Battle Pass over a period of up to 2 months.

You as a player can get various interesting items every time you level up in this Battle Pass feature.

So, one of the newest events from the Point Blank game is the Battle Pass. However, there is another event that is no less exciting, namely Haunted October.

Haunted October is a login attendance event that gives you prizes just by logging in during October.

For details of the two events, let's see the explanation below!

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PB Battle Pass

New PB Event Battle Pass
Battle Pass Point Blank. Source: Point Blank Indonesia

The seasonal event in Point Blank Indonesia is the Battle Pass. You can get prizes without a draw when you level up the Battle Pass.

After maintenance, you will be able to access the Battle Pass at the bottom left when you are in the Lobby menu after selecting a server.

PB's Battle Pass mechanics are similar to other games' Battle Pass mechanics. There are two types of Battle Pass namely Battle Pass Free and Premium.

After you log in, you will automatically get a Free Battle Pass with Level 1. For the Premium Battle Pass, players must buy it using Cash PB.

When a player reaches a certain level with a free Battle Pass, once the player buys Premium, the Premium level will follow according to the level the player has reached.

To increase the level of this Battle Pass, players need Season EXP which can be obtained from playing and completing Game Battles. Like other games, there is a maximum limit of 1000 Season EXP from battle results per day.

From the Battle Pass, you can get lots of prizes such as new characters, weapons, sprays, name cards, and so on.

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Haunted October

Rewards Haunted October
Haunted October Rewards Event. Source: Point Blank Indonesia

In October, Point Blank Indonesia will provide various exclusive items every day players log into the game.

As has been the case, this developer-provided item is very profitable and certainly helps players when playing Point Blank.

Every day during October, players will get free items like the picture above.

Not only that, there are also exclusive items that you can get when you log in on certain days, namely:

  • October 5 TNI Day: P90 EXT TNI + Camo Green Namecard
  • October 8 Prophet's Birthday: OA-93 Arabian Night
  • October 28 Youth Pledge Day: Diploma + Paskibra Spray
  • October 31 Halloween Day: Zombie Butcher D-Fox + Frankenstein Leopard

Thus the discussion about the latest PB event. Fulfill the need for top up Point Blank to buy a Battle Pass only at VC Markets by VCGamers!

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