Mid Year 2021 PUBG Mobile Releases New MAP! Folders What is it?


PUBG Mobile's New Map, Karakin Has Arrived at Beta 1.3.1.

Today Tencent has released the latest beta for PUBG Mobile, namely Beta 1.3.0. So, one of the main highlights of this beta is the presence of a new map, Karakin.

In terms of size, the Karakin map is only half the size of Sanhok and has dimensions of 2×2 kilometers, the same as Livik.

But what makes Karakin different from Livik is that Karakin can accommodate 64 players in one game, 12 more players than Livik which only has a capacity of 52 players.

It's just different from the Livik map, which seems to mix all the elements of the existing map, the Karakin map actually displays the same characteristics as the Miramar map.

It has a stretch of desert but with a few existing compounds, this map will have new variations in fighting later.

Seeing the style of play on this map, it can be assumed that the match will also end quite quickly on this map.

Karakin is located somewhere in northern Africa and has an arid, rocky environment that provides wide-open terrain and challenging activities.

Similar to Miramar, Karakin has several small settlements around the mountain with interesting loot, but the difference is that this map is small, fast and full of gunfights.

Present Blackzone
source: www.google.com

If you have tried this map in the beta version, then you will definitely get a warning in the form of a Black Zone.

What is Black Zone? If you refer to the original version, the Black Zone on this map is similar to the Red Zone.

It's just that this Black Zone doesn't attack open spaces but instead destroys buildings.

So when there is a Black Zone, it is better for you to get out of the buildings in that area because you can die immediately if you are hit by the Black Zone.

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