Mistakes that Beginners Should Watch for in Free Fire

Beginner in Free Fire

Maybe, there are some mistakes that must be noticed by novice players when they just play Free Fire. Remember, these players do not really know the problem gameplay as well as great items and weapons to use.

Therefore, we will also review the theme this time for you. Remember, what we are about to convey will be enough to help you even though you are still unfamiliar with games battle royale this. What's more, this mobile game made by Garena also has differences from other similar games. No need to linger, we will explain it to you.

This is a mistake to watch out for when playing Free Fire

  • Loadouts

Usually, novice players in genre mobile games battle royale this will indeed encounter confusion to determine the weapon or item to be used. Therefore, we would also advise you not to bring it loadout which is useless.

regardless, loadout is a feature provided by Garena to the players in this game to carry two items. Where, this feature will be enough to help you when you are already in the game.

However, most novice players actually make the wrong choice loadout. Bearing in mind, there are actually some really great items to carry. However, they did not know this.

In the election loadout, for survival loadout, you can choose one of 'Calling Airdrop', 'Treasure Map' or 'Bounty Token'. When you have chosen one of them, you will get equipment quickly.

Whereas for basic loadout, You can also choose between 'Bag Leg' and 'Scanner'. For the first option, it will increase the capacity of the bag you are going to use and this will not make you worry if you carry too many weapons or other items.

Meanwhile for the second option, it will let you know about the number of players on the plane (before plunging to the island). Lastly, the scanner also lets you know about the location of enemies near you while still parachuting.

  • Sensitivity

For the best sensitivity setting, it may still depend on other factors such as aim, scope and recoil. What's more, each person will also have their own sensitivity reference (depending on the device to be used). However, the influence of sensitivity is also quite crucial for your gameplay later.

Therefore, we recommend that you set your own sensitivity. Obviously, we would not recommend you to imitate the sensitivity of other players (even if they are pro players). Remember, this has the potential to match and not match the comfort of your playing style later.

  • Custom Hud

In this Free Fire game, you also have to have the right button settings. Remember, this setting will be enough to help you control your aim.

Remember, the default custom hud is a bad initial setting for you to shoot comfortably. Because, there are several buttons that are arranged close together. Even so, everything will still be returned to the players who will play it. However, you can change the button layout if you are not satisfied with the default hud.

  • Weapon

That said, weapon selection is also an important factor for you to be able to immediately kill the enemies around you. Remember, there are many types of weapons in this game. What's more, there are weapons that have great damage and you might just skip that.

Therefore, we will suggest some good weapons with various ranges for you to use easily. Apart from that, all of these weapons will be easy for you to find. For long range weapons, we would recommend you to use Scar, AK47, SM8, Groza, M41 and VSS.

As for the melee weapons, MP40, MP5, Thompson, Vector, Long Shotgun and M1887 Shotgun. What's interesting, all of the weapons that we convey are weapons that are often used by pro players.

  • Gun Holding

When going to move to another place by running, we don't recommend holding a weapon. However, most beginners in the Free Fire game don't really care about the smallest things. Even so, this would be considered a fatal mistake.

To note, running while carrying a weapon will make your character run quite slowly and it will be different when you run empty-handed. Maybe, you can try it yourself if you're already in the game.

  • Shooting Position

As for the shooting position, most beginners make mistakes when they do it in an open area. Of course, this situation will make them overthrown quite quickly.

However, you can use a gloo wall if you want to duel by one while in an open area. Apart from that, you can also take cover from trees, rocks or buildings, for example, if you want to be safe in aiming at enemies in an open area.

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