Melissa Mobile Legends: Hero Overview, Skill Analysis and Release Date

Melissa skills

Melissa Mobile Legends, a rebellious girl who runs a tailor shop and solves other people's problems, is a new marksman hero coming to the Land of Dawn.

He is available for trial on the Mobile Legends Advance server starting January 1, 2022. Unlike other Marksman heroes in the game, he will be very unique.

His ultimate skill to protect himself makes him unique from other Marksman. Let's check Melissa Mobile Legends skills and stats when she will make way for players.

Skills Melissa Mobile Legends

Passive – Doll Buster (Buff)

Melissa Mobile Legends

Melissa Mobile Legends' damage to Summoned Units increased to 150 percent because her tailor shop excels at repairing dolls.

Skill 1 – Falling (Blink, Buff)

Melissa Mobile Legends

Melissa Mobile Legends slides forward and increases Attack Speed by 50-100 percent. The effect lasts for 4 seconds.

This skill allows Melissa to dash in the desired direction. Apart from allowing Melissa to move places in a short time, this skill 1 gives her an additional attack speed of four seconds for basic attacks.

Skill 2 – Go! Muddles! (Debuff ,AoE)

Melissa Mobile Legends

Melissa Mobile Legends throws her doll, Muddles, at the enemy and deals 250-400 damage (+ 80 percent Total Physical ATK) to the area. When hit, Muddles will link to the nearest enemy for 6 seconds. Connected enemies will take damage from their basic attacks. Only works on enemy heroes.

This skill creates a shield that can protect Melissa from enemy hero attacks for five seconds. The shroud keeps the opposing hero from getting close.

If the opposing hero forces himself to get close to the circular barrier, the opposing hero will receive magical damage. Even though she is protected from opposing heroes, Melissa Mobile Legends can still take damage from enemy turrets.

Ultimate Skill – Cuddles, Protect Me! (Summons, Buffs)

Melissa Mobile Legends

This skill will create a barrier and push the nearest enemy away from it for 5 seconds. The barrier will prevent enemies from entering. The skill would disappear if he moved against his will.

Skill Analysis and Hero Overview

Melissa's first skill in Mobile Legends is the dash skill, a skill that many Marksman have. This skill will increase his defensive ability and also provide 100 percent attack speed for 4 seconds.

This skill doesn't do any damage to the lane. This skill is similar to Moskov's first skill, with this skill you can position yourself in teamfight.

Moving on to his second skill, which is his main source of damage. This skill will have a big impact on teamfight. She throws her doll Muddles at nearby enemies, it can connect with multiple enemies and it will damage all enemies from its basic attacks.

This skill will work even if Muddles is far away, the link target will take damage. Both skills will make a great combo with tanks that have CC area skills, such as Tigreal, Gatotkaca, Belerick, and many more.

His Ultimate makes him unique compared to other Marksman in Mobile Legends. Ultimate creates a barrier, where enemies cannot enter for 5 seconds. Also, it will push enemies like Akai's ulti. This skill can save her from melee fighters, this will make Melissa Mobile Legends difficult to kill.

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The ultimate skill and the second skill when connected to many enemies can create a Pull and Push effect like the Kagura combo. Melissa would be a great pick in the current Meta.

You will be able to make different combos in different situations because he has many ways to defeat the enemy. Start saving your Battle Points to get them, as soon as they are released on the official server

Melissa Mobile Legends Release Date

Melissa is still in development work but she is scheduled to be released after Yin. It won't be long before we can finally get this amazing and unique Marksman hero on the original server because Mobile Legends has been releasing unique heroes quite frequently now.

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That's all for today's overview guide about Melissa Mobile Legends. Intrigued by Melissa's arrival at MLBB? Let us know in the comments section below!

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