VCG Token Unstake and Staking Mechanism

Staking Update VCGamers

What you've been waiting for is here! Yes, you will soon be able to unstake and stake VCG Token in the near future.

This time we will convey the VCG Token unstake and staking mechanism for all holders.

What is the VCG Token unstake and staking mechanism? Let's see!

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VCG Token Unstake and Staking Mechanism

VCG Token Roadmap, VCG Token Staking
VCG Tokens

You can immediately unstake and stake VCG Token in the near future. VCGamers has prepared a VCG Token unstake and staking mechanism.

Unstake VCG Tokens

To unstake the VCG Token, you can do it manually. The method is simply by visiting the staking page on Thursday, December 15, 2022.

Holders will later receive staking rewards. The reward will be sent to the wallet of each holder.

If the unstake contains inappropriate data, you can fill out the following form to be processed by the VCGamers team. (FILL THE FORM HERE)

Stake V.2 VCG Token

Meanwhile, the VCG Token staking feature is available again starting Thursday 15 December 2022.

This means that all holders can return to staking as before. Wait for it!

FAQ Staking V.2

VCG Token Roadmap

You may still have questions about the V.2 staking mechanism. We've rounded up a few questions and answers to help you with staking.

Here's the list:

Q: What factors or variables affect APY?

A: APY is based on total stakers, total token pool, total token rewards

Q: Is there a minimum and maximum per wallet in V.2 staking?

A: In staking V.2 Minimum stake 100 VCG Maximum stake VCG 100,000 VCG per wallet

Q: How long is the V.2 staking period?

A: In staking V.2 there are several periods that you can choose from and the token stake locking feature 

Q: Is there a maximum number of tokens in the V.2 staking pool?

A: The maximum limit on the number of tokens in the V.2 staking pool is 5,000,000

Q: Where do the token rewards in each pool come from?

A: If it's BUSD staking, token rewards will be obtained from the tax revenue of 1% per year, referring to tokenomics whitepaper.

Q: Is there a Staking V.2 calculation scheme?

A: The V.2 staking calculation scheme can use the following formula,

Staking Formula:

  • Reward per block = Value Token / Total Block 360 Days / Total Staked Token
  • Total Blocks/Total Seconds = 24 x Day Period x 60 x 60
  • Est Reward = Total Blocks/Total Seconds x Reward per-block x Total staked Tokens
  • ROI/APY = Est Reward / (Token Price x Total staked Token) 


  • The reward per block will change depending on the variables that affect the calculation.
  • ROI will vary according to the variables that affect the calculation.
  • V.2 unstake & staking time will be further informed on Telegram community $VCG. 
  • The unstake period starts from 15 December 2022 until February 2023

Disclaimer: Page staking V.2 VCG Token will be accessible on December 15, 2022.

Keep up with information about VCG Token through the page Updates on VCGamers News!

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