3 Recon Bolt Sova Lineups for Defenders to Use on the Icebox Map!

Hello Vicigers, in this article we will discuss the Recon Bolt Sova lineup for defenders to use on the Icebox map.

This guide shows the 3 Recon Bolt Sova lineups on the Icebox map. This lineup will help you use this powerful ability to the fullest in defense.

Sova's Recon Bolt ability can be used in many effective ways, and outside of the Sova toolkit, has the most potential to impact gameplay. A well-placed Recon Bolt Sova can allow your team to take aggressive plays, as well as have the ability to gain valuable information to help with team rotation. It is also a very useful tool for reclaiming spike locations.

The first lineup will demonstrate how to install Recon Bolts around the A-belt area, getting initial information to the A-site. The second Recon Bolt lineup will reveal the enemy cast behind Middle. The third Recon Bolt shows how you can use this ability to effectively retake site B, once your opponent has installed Spike.

Recon Bolt Sova Capabilities:

  • Description: “Equip the bow with a rangefinder bolt. A shot to send the bolt forward activates on impact and reveals the location of the nearest enemy caught in the bolt's line of sight. Enemies can destroy these bolts. Fire Resistant to extend projectile range. Alternate Fire to add up to two bounces to this arrow.”
  • Type: Signature
  • Cost: Free
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Recon Bolt Sova lineup for defenders to use on Map Icebox!

A-Belt Defense

3 Recon Bolt Sova Lineups for Attackers to use on Map Icebox!

To do this lineup, you must position yourself above the Rafters, in the back corner of the A-site. From there you need to position your crosshair as shown below. you should then fully fill the shot, with the bounce set to one.

This Recon Bolt will provide initial information on any enemy players outside the A-site, originating from the Belt area. Due to the landing position, it will be difficult for enemy players to destroy the Recon Bolt, and will usually get a scan or two. It can also be used very effectively mid-round, gleaning valuable information from your team.

Mid Site Defense

This lineup will ask you to stand directly in the corner of the yellow square in site B. From there you will need to place your crosshair between where the dark and light sections of the building meet, just below the raised section. You can also use the charge bar to line it up, placing the right side of the protruding bar below the yellow and black lines.

This Recon Bolt can detect all enemy players behind the Mid site, providing your team with valuable information. You can use this at the start of a round to see which sites an enemy player likes, or after they've taken control of the map, to try and determine where they could potentially be headed.

B Retake

From the chest at the top of the site, you should cover the view of the chest entrance with the boxes on the site below you. Once you can no longer see the squares on the site, it's the correct lineup. You then place your crosshair as shown above and fill in the shot, with the bounce set to two.

This Recon Bolt will assist your team in reclaiming site B, as it will reveal information about several key positions post planting spike

So, those were some tips and tricks for doing the Bolt Sova recon lineup like a pro player. You can follow the playing style of the pro players, but if you can find a more effective way, then you can use your own method to do the Bolt Recon lineup.

Lots of players Valorant who follows the playing style of his favorite pro player but doesn't find comfort in in-game because the way the pro players play and the players who follow it are different.

Maybe this time the discussion of the article will end here and don't miss the updated news about Valorant and other games, only at VCGamers.com

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