Kitty Letter, War Against the House Ruining Neighbor's Cat

Kitty Letter. A modern house certainly contains a variety of items that will help its inhabitants. It could be a toilet, a chair, a table, trousers or a language vortex. The language vortex is a portal that can conjure magic letters to turn into magical cats. But in the house earlier, suddenly a neighbor's cat invaded and exploded. That's the excitement in the game Kitty Letter.

Players must be able to protect the house from attacks by exploding cats using language vortexes. Kitty Letter  is the newest game from The Oatmeal and Exploding Kittens which is very fun to play and will definitely be very entertaining.

Language Puzzle

Kitty Letter is a type of competitive game, in which players will compose a word using the language vortex of the multiverse, collect power ups, then protect themselves from the attack of a herd of cats that want to destroy the house. Only one action can save a house from exploding cats, namely vocabulary. The Kitty Letter game is run head-to-head or fight one on one where the enemy is a neighbor who has a herd of cats. Deep player Kitty Letter can also summon magical cats that can explode. The method is to assemble a single word with several letters shown in the language vortex at the bottom of the screen.

Blow Up the Enemy's House

Every time a player Kitty Letter If you can form a word, a flock of magical cats will automatically come out that will go straight to the neighbor's house. After the cats arrived at the house, the cat group immediately blew themselves up destroying the target house. Vice versa, if a competitor's cat can enter the player's home area, the house will automatically fall apart immediately. Whoever succeeds in destroying the opponent's house first will automatically be the winner. Games Kitty Letter it's simple, but fun!

The tactic to deter cats from walking towards the house is to see what letter is written on the cat. If the letter is M, the player must form a word starting with the letter M, for example Man or Meat. In the main mode of this game, players are faced with funny stories that seem to mock the player's intelligence. For example, what is a toilet? then Kitty Letter will explain it in a funny and quirky way that is a bit of a joke on the player.

Multiple Game Modes

In addition to the Story Mode, players Kitty Letter  You can also play Survival mode which is endless until you lose, or PvP mode which must be played online. In this online mode, players directly face other players from all over the world in proving their expertise in forming a word from a number of letters displayed.

Comic-style visuals

Kitty Letter  depicted in the form of mostly black and white color cartoon graphics. All of the characters are described in the same way as black and white comics. The Kitty Letter game is completely just a letter-composing puzzle game. So there won't be modes for collecting cards, looking for money, leveling up items, and the like. But at least, players can customize profile names, avatars, cat flocks, and homes.

Free games

Kitty Letter  offered as a completely free game full of fun without ads. This game also does not require Internet access, except if players want to try their skill at forming words against other players online. No stamina system is provided in this Kitty Letter, it's just that microtransactions are prepared if players want to pay for customization items that don't affect the game in the slightest. Come test your English vocabulary by playing Kitty Letter on your smartphone.

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Muhammad Hakum

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