These are the 5 Best Things to Buy with UC in PUBG Mobile, Guaranteed Nothing to Lose!

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When you still have UC on PUBG Mobile with a decent amount. But, you are confused to use it. Please refer to the 5 best things you can buy with UC on PUBG Mobile. Guaranteed no loss bro!

With such a large individual player base in PUBG Mobile, it is evident that many players and content creators are spending money to buy Unknown Cash (UC on PUG Mobile) to buy some in-game items in the PUBG Mobile store.

So, what are the five best purchases with UC on PUBG Mobile? The following is a review of these things that you must buy with UC on PUBG Mobile. Keep reading to the end of the page!

Important Things to Buy Using UC at PUBG Mobile

Royale Pass


Maybe you will feel very bored when there is only one Royale Pass visible for the entire season. However, now Royale Pass comes every month. Because there is no other alternative than the number of prizes provided by RP, it becomes a must for you at PUBG Mobile.

Royal Passe comes in two variants, Elite Pass (360 UC) and Elite Pass Plus (960 UC), and can only be purchased with UC on PUBG Mobile. 

After purchasing the royale pass, you can get premium prizes every time you rank up. Players who don't buy the PUBG royale pass cannot get this prize. Each PUBG royale pass has very attractive prizes and offers. Even some of them are quite steps and will not be made again.

Premium Chest

PUBG Mobile crate

Those of you who have a lot of UC can use them to buy and open chests. This method is very popular among YouTubers, both Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. They are often seen opening chests by spending thousands of UC to get items to increase their inventory volume.

Premium Chests, Classic Chests and Fortune Chests continue to bring new Legendary and Mythic items regularly. Therefore, you with enough UC in your account, can buy and open chests to get expensive items as new collections.

Lucky Spin

AKM Desert Fossil

Lucky Spin brings some of the most popular and rarest items in the PUBG Mobile game. Whether it's upgradeable weapon skins or the most prestigious X-Suits, Lucky Spin brings it all.

Lucky Spin on PUBG Mobile has also introduced friends like Buddy Kong and Buddy Zilla, two mini forms of King Kong and Godzilla.

Lucky Spin appears with unique items for a limited time only. You can spend a lot of UC, but the rewards are also rare for you to get.

Basically, this lucky spin is a spin that you do to get free skins. However, to get the skin you need a few rounds.

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Change Name Card

PUBG Player Beginner Team and PUBG Mobile No Recoil Weapons

Changing Name Cards is common among esports players and YouTube streamers. As team rosters are constantly changing in esports scenarios, the use of Name Change Cards is increasing.

PUBG Mobile players can buy this item for 180 UC by going to the in-game store. You can do this when you are bored with the name you have.

Character Bundle

PUBG-New-State-Weapon Customization

PUBG Mobile has five special characters: Victor, Sara, Carlo, Andy, and Anna. All of them (except Victor) require UC or character shards to unlock, with Carlo and Andy being the most expensive at 1200 UC or character shards.

UC can also be used to obtain character bundles which contain character-specific emotes, outfits, and voice packs. Those of you who have quite a lot of UC in PUBG Mobile can buy these characters.

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Those were five things that you can buy using UC at PUBG Mobile. Don't waste the UC you already have, just use it to buy important items as new collections.

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