How to Use Hero Aurora, Ice Princess Who Becomes Support, Very Useful!

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Overview About Hero Aurora

Hero Aurora is heroes Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who was born in a windstorm and with the power to control ice and salt, is the queen of Nost Gal, dominator from FrozenSea and also as Guardian of the Land of Dawn.

aurora is heroes which have role mage with specialization as heroes burstdamage and crowd control. aurora has a level of difficulty that is not too high and its role is quite important in each game teamfights.

Hero Aurora Skills


aurora have skills passive i.e. whenever using skillsit, will add one unit frost energy and when four units are assembled, aurora damage will then have an effect freeze to targets.

Passive is very useful if used for combos with skills others or with teammates. For skills her first Aurora threw icicle in the specified direction and will explode when it hits the first opponent, delivering magic damage to all opponents in the area of effect and causes an effect slow 25% for 1.5 seconds.

skills both of them aurora give magic damage to the target you specify and will cause an effect slow of 80%.

skills this is characteristic singletarget so only one can you specify. skills these two are great for cheating opponents to collect stack frost energy. Final skills three are skills mainstay aurora when in teamfights.

By calling giant icy rock to bombard the target location that you specify and everything in the area will be hit hits 800 magic damage and affected slow 90% while opponents around the target will receive 400 magic damage and effects slow 60%.

You can place Aurora as support in midlane. This position is an effective position for aurora because he can rotate up or down to help lanes other.

If you use in sidelane somewhat less optimal for aurora to play. Don't be alone too often lanes because aurora hero prone to being hit by the opponent's scoop.

Use spells flicker so you can escape if you are directed by your opponent. Try it together with tank and do combos so that damage optimally produced.

The Painful Aurora Build and the Combo Method

There are some build items which you can use for aurora. First you can make Arcane Boots, Clock of Destiny, Lighting Truncheon, Divine Glaive, Genius Wand, Holy Crystal.

builds this is great for aurora give magic damage big one with blood that is not too thin.

If you want to add Aurora's magic damage you can still replace Clock of Destiny with Blood Wings or Winter Truncheons and Necklace of Durance depending on the situation and composition heroes opponent.

If many opponents have lifesteal can make Necklace of Durance in order to reduce healing or regen enemy. Combo what you can use is by scooping up enemies from the bushes.

First you fill it first bar frost energy for the opponent to take effect freeze when you take it out basic attacks or skills. Then use skills two for freeze fight and use skills three while the opponent is still in a state freeze.

With combos like this usually the opponent is immediately eliminated but jiba is still not spam skills one of you so that the opponent is affected slow or eliminate them. Besides combos above, there are also combos else if teamfights happens with a lot heroes.

First fill frost energy bars until full then use skills one for effect area then skills three and continued with skills two.

Combo it's more towards area or directly to some heroes fight if you are together. Lots heroes that could be combos with aurora like Atlas, Tigreal, Khufra, Johnson and others.

You can also see the Pro Player play aurora hero so you can develop your game on Mobile Legends. Enough explanation and some tips how to use aurora hero. Good luck!

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