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To help Vicigers get more Booyah, try these five tips for using Charge Buster Free Fire that every FF player should know!

The newly released Free Fire Charge Buster has become the talk of many people in the community. This is because the mechanics of this weapon are quite unique, which requires the user to charge before shooting to produce more damage. Also, this weapon isn't that hard to find, and doesn't have to be found in the Supply Box.

However, some players still don't know how to maximize the potential of the Free Fire Charger Buster to become a very deadly weapon.

For this reason, on this occasion VCGamers will provide some tips on how to make the best use of Charge Buster in Free Fire and make it one of the deadliest weapons. Without further ado, just head down!

Tricks Using Free Fire's Charge Buster

Use Appropriate Characters

Charge Buster Free Fire

Choosing a suitable character really determines the potential of Free Fire's Charge Buster. Use Caroline or Jota for this weapon.

Why? Because Caroline has the ability to move faster when using a shotgun, making her a suitable character to use Charge Buster in Free Fire. Movement speed will give you extra mobility when charging Charge Buster Free Fire.

Apart from him, Jota is another recommended character for this weapon. Unlike Caroline, whose special ability lets her work best with a shotgun, Jota relies on Lifesteal. And, his Lifesteal increases with the damage he deals. The greater the Damage, the more Lifesteal Jota receives.

Use For Close Combat

Charge Buster Free Fire

Free Fire's Charge Buster allows you to shoot from a distance by charging it. But, is it effective? Of course not, because shotgun bullets spread out at a greater distance the farther the shot is from the target.

So, the best way to get the most damage with it is to use it at close range.

If you're a sniping expert, this weapon actually makes it possible to take on two opponents simultaneously at close range! However, it can be very tricky. So make sure to practice with this weapon before trying to take on multiple opponents at once.

No Need Always Fully Charged

Charge Buster Free Fire

Firing this weapon after being fully charged does produce more damage. But what if you're in a fast battle where you need to be more aggressive? Well, here's why it's not always necessary to fully charge before shooting.

Shooting it half-loaded is enough to do significant damage. If the enemy doesn't have full HP, you can take him down with just one shot.

Make sure to have a secondary weapon

Charge Buster Free Fire

The secondary weapon is a side weapon that you must have when it is not ideal to use Free Fire's Charge Buster. You can choose SMG or AR as secondary weapons. Make sure to practice switching between weapons so you get used to the timing and mechanics.

Don't neglect using the SMG or AR, even though you might be a deadly shotgun user. Because during long-range combat, you will need it.

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Wear Helmet and Vest Before Fighting

Charge Buster Free Fire

Since Free Fire's Charge Buster needs to be charged before shooting, the opponent may have a bigger chance to shoot first. Therefore, you need to equip yourself with a helmet and vest.

It is important to withstand the opponent's attack. Also, make sure to always have a few consumables handy that you can use in dire situations.

So, those were five tips on how to use Charge Buster in Free Fire. Look forward to other game info, and make sure to follow VCGamers's Instagram to get the latest updates regarding game events and diamond top-up discounts.

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