The Best Way to Spend BP PUBG Mobile, No Loss Bro!

BP PUBG Mobile

Ever wondered what to do with so many BP PUBG Mobile advantages? Find the best way to spend BP PUBG Mobile in this article. Guaranteed not to lose bro!

PUBG Mobile is one of the best-selling multiplayer survival games on the market, with its unique difficulties and more. Every player wants to rank up by collecting more PUBG Mobile BP in the game, which has developed into a self-hailing point for many true savvy gamers.

As the game's popularity has grown, many new players have joined the community and are curious about how to spend BP PUBG Mobile, which is important for people to know. If you're wondering the same thing, fear not, here's what Vicigers friends need to know.

In this article, we will discuss several ways to spend BP in PUBG Mobile. So, if you have saved a lot of BP PUBG Mobile and don't know how to spend and where to spend BP PUBG Mobile, then this article is for you to read till the end.

BP PUBG Mobile Shopping List That Doesn't Make a Loss 

Buy a Chest 

BP PUBG Mobile

You may get a lot of PUBG Mobile BP while playing. Suppose you are thinking about spending it and don't know where to spend it. Then the best method to spend it is to buy army chests from him. 

One soldier chest costs 700 BP PUBG Mobile at the start, and then the cost starts to go up with each opening. Maximum limit amount is 7000 BP per crate.

This is one of the easiest ways to spend PUBG Mobile BP. So, you must be thinking what are the advantages of buying PUBG Mobile Soldier Crates. Well, you can get mythical skirts and various other things by using chests.

Buy an RP Card

BP PUBG Mobile

The most efficient way to spend it is to buy an RP card from the store. By buying RP point cards, we can use them to fulfill our RP missions and get lots of prizes. There is only one limitation that we can only buy 5 RP cards per week for 25 thousand BP PUBG Mobile.

With RP, you can get various kinds of cool prizes and free skins after ranking up. There are lots of permanent outfits and skins that you can get by buying the RP. Instead of wasting it, it's better to buy RP.

Buy Silver Fragments

BP PUBG Mobile

If you have extra reserves, the best thing to spend them on is buying silver fragments. Why do you have to buy silver fragments? So, the shards can be used to redeem various clothes, weapon skins, and so on. They are also used to redeem classic and premium crate coupons.

Customize Character

BP PUBG Mobile

Many people want a good character in PUBG Mobile. Most of the good characters can be purchased using UC, but those who cannot use UC to buy characters can use BP PUBG Mobile to modify characters or change gender. This is one of the most convenient ways to customize your character.

Not forever you will only use that character. You need to replace it as a way to get rid of boredom in the character you have now. It doesn't take a lot of BP PUBG Mobile to customize the characters in this game.

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Buy “The Fool” Avatar

BP PUBG Mobile

Buying The Fool's avatar is one of the trending things in PUBG Mobile. Why? Because The Fool is famous among people who love Joker Movies. The avatar came out as a collaboration between PUBG Mobile and The Joker movie. This is one of the most fantastic looking avatars in PUBG Mobile.

You might feel bored with the avatar that you use throughout the game. It hasn't even been replaced for a full year. So, with this avatar, you can buy it to get rid of the boredom.

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So, those are some ways to spend BP PUBG Mobile without fear of loss. So, which one do you want to buy, bro?

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