How to Play Mobile Legends for Beginners to Get Mythic Fast

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Not many know how to play Mobile Legends for beginners so that they can quickly get a high rank. On this page, we will provide information on how to play Mobile Legends for beginners.

Talking about games on smartphones, currently the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre game is the most talked about by many people, for example Mobile Legends: Bang bang. This brought in many new players in Mobile Legends and not a few of them wanted to get Mythic rank faster.

For those of you who want to try playing the MOBA game made by Moonton, this time we will provide several ways to play Mobile Legends for beginners so that they become proficient quickly and can reach Rank Legend to Mythic more quickly.

How to Play Mobile Legends for Beginners

Ensure Sufficient Connection

The first tip on how to play Mobile Legends for beginners is to ensure an adequate internet connection when playing. With a stable internet connection, the game will run without a hitch.

Signal interference that can cause game lag, lost connections, and AFK can be avoided. That way, you don't need to leave the game and disturb your team members who are struggling to win.

Mastering One Hero

Top 5 Most Difficult Heroes to Master in the Mobile Legends Game

Next is mastering one hero, then studying other heroes later. Until this article was written, Moonton has dozens of heroes that players can use. These heroes are divided into several roles, including Assassin, Tank, Fighter, Mage, Marksman and Support.

Sometimes some novice players in Mobile Legends always change heroes when playing rank. This can make you unable to master one hero properly. Try to focus on just one hero and keep playing to reach the Mythic rank.

Determine Hero Build Items


After successfully determining the hero you want to try, the next step is to set the build item for that hero. For settings, go to the Preparation menu> Gear menu.

You can see recommendations for the best hero item builds in the Popular Equipment Sets or Top Player Equipment Sets sections. On our site, we have provided some of the best hero build items to get the most damage. Don't use any item build on the hero you use.

Upgraded Emblems

The next way to play Mobile Legends for beginners is to upgrade the emblem. Each emblem certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Make sure the Emblem matches the hero you want to use. For example the Magic emblem for Mage type heroes, the Physical Assassin emblem for Assassin heroes and the Tank for heroes with the Tank role.

Define Battle Spells

Mobile Legends Battle Spells

Determining battle spells is important enough to help you in a match. Every player in Mobile Legends can use 1 of 12 battle spells. Battle Spells commonly used by beginners are Execute, Inspire, Healing Spell, Retribution and Purify.

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View Map


Next, how to play Mobile Legends for beginners is to pay attention to the mini map. The mini map on the top left can give you information quickly about various things, such as: the approximate location of the enemy, where the Lord or turtle is, quick notifications (ping) and many more.

The mistake of many novice players is often ignoring the map and not seeing enemy positions. So that the enemy could ambush you unnoticed.



The last way to play Mobile Legends for beginners is leveling. The higher your level from your opponent, the easier the enemy is to beat. Tips for leveling are to kill the minions then finish off the jungler monsters, use the retribution spell, and buy one of the jungle items.

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So, those were some ways to play Mobile Legends for beginners. Every game has its own way, and in Mobile Legends you need to pay attention to the information that we convey above.

The Mythic Rank in Mobile Legends may be quite difficult to achieve in a short time, especially if you are a novice player. So, just practice how to play Mobile Legends for beginners above. Good luck!

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