How to Make Potions in Minecraft

Golden Carrot

To start brewing potions, you first need to understand how to make potions in minecraft properly.

Once you're far enough in the world Minecraft where you venture into the Nether, there are new blocks that you can craft and interact with. This block is called a brewery which can be used to brew potions.

The brewery is pretty easy to get to. What you have to do is find the fire below.

Blazes usually appear in the lower Citadel and once you kill one, it can drop an item called a fire bar. A fire stick can be used along with three pieces of cobblestone to make a brewery.

To make a brewery, use the how to make potions in minecraft below.

How to Make Potions in Minecraft

Before making a potion, you need a water bottle, Wart Nether and a brewery. After that, you can follow the steps below.

Make Awkward Potions

how to make potions in minecraft
how to make potions in minecraft

Clumsy potion is the first potion you need to make, regardless of what potion you want. Before making a clumsy potion, you will need two things. You will need a water bottle and a lower wart.

To make a water bottle, you need to make a glass bottle and interact with the water while the glass bottle is in your hand. 

Use the Brewery

how to make potions in minecraft
how to make potions in minecraft

To make a bad potion, you'll have to place the brewery and put a water bottle, or a few bottles of water if you want some bad potion, in the bottom three boxes of the brewery.

Now then, it was necessary to put in the fire powder to light up the brewery. You'll know when the brewing stand has power when the gray bar turns yellow.

Complete Awkward Potion

how to make potions in minecraft
how to make potions in minecraft

Next, you need to place the bottom wart in the top UI slot. After doing this, the brewery will start working. After about 20 seconds, the water bottle will turn into a strange concoction.

List of Potion Ingredients in Minecraft

how to make potions in minecraft
how to make potions in minecraft (pictures; youtube)

When the ingredients below are mixed with the clumsy potion, it will produce a complete potion. Only Potion of Weakness doesn't require clumsy potion bases.

  • Sugar (Speed)
  • Rabbit Feet (Jumping)
  • Fire Powder (Strength)
  • Sparkling Melon (Healing)
  • Spider Eye (Poison)
  • Ghost's Tears (Regeneration)
  • Magma Cream (Fire Resistant)
  • Pufferfish (Water Breathing)
  • Golden Carrot (Night Vision)
  • Turtle Shell (Mr. Turtle)
  • Phantom Membrane (Slow Fall)
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Potion to Potion Recipes

Some herbs can be further brewed to create different effects. Adding fermented spider eyes to brewed potions will change the effect of certain potions.

  • Speed/Jump + Fermented Spider's Eye = Slow Potion
  • Healing/Poison + Fermented Spider Eye = Danger Potion
  • Night Vision + Fermented Spider's Eye = Magic Potion
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Any potion can also be enhanced with glowstones or extended in duration with redstones. Adding glowstone dust increases the potency of the effect, but decreases the duration of the effect. Adding redstone dust will extend the buff/debuff time by a considerable margin.

Now that you know how to make potions in minecraft, you can use these to make every potion in the game, as long as you have the right ingredients.

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