How To Get Free Diamonds And Characters In FF MAX

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Character is very important in the battle royale game FF Max. Therefore, check this post to find out how to get free diamonds and characters on FF Max.

The importance of diamonds in Free Fire MAX can be easily understood because currency is even needed to change the name in the game. One of the most common questions among players is getting premium in-game currency for free.

There are various options available to the user. However, you should avoid using prohibited methods such as mods and hacks, because they never work and can result in severe consequences such as a permanent ban by Garena.

Free Diamonds And Characters In FF MAX

Free Diamonds

Free Characters In FF MAX

You can easily rely on Google Opinion Rewards among several ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX. The functionality of the app is very easy, and users have to set up a profile to accept easy surveys, which can net them up to INR 32.20 in Play credits.

You can collect enough credits to add diamonds in the game. However, this task can be tedious, and it would be better for users to wait for the special airdrop and take advantage of the weekly membership.

The former are given to users randomly and vary widely thus, it may not be repeated. You can keep an eye on it.

However, weekly membership costs Rp. 159.00 and provides 450 diamonds along with other prizes worth 425 diamonds.

Steps to set up Google Survey Rewards:

  • Download the application on the cellphone.
  • Register and create a profile by filling out all the requirements.
  • After answering the questions, you will receive credit that was used when making purchases.

Free Characters In FF Max

Free Characters In FF MAX

Free characters in FF Max are certainly highly sought after by players. Technically, you can think of characters as being available with free gold as users can earn in-game currency for free. A full roster of characters is available to gamers, including Xayne, Jota and many more.

In addition, the developers provide the maximum number of characters added to Free Fire MAX in 2022 through a top-up event, which technically offers free gifts to buy the necessary diamonds. Thus, you can also wait for such an event to get free characters in FF Max.

You can try to get free diamonds and then use them to get free characters in FF Max from shops, events, and more. You can also further apply discount coupons to reduce the cost of getting free characters in FF Max.

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Here are three popular ways to receive free characters in FF MAX;

Top Up Events

Free Characters In FF MAX
Top Up

Free Fire MAX usually appears with a top-up event when they release a new character. You have to buy a set of diamonds, which allows you to claim free characters in FF Max. You can then use the purchased diamonds in other in-game skins offered by the game.


Free Characters In FF MAX

Free Fire MAX organizes various in-game events from time to time that allow players to win free characters in FF Max.

One prominent example is the Amazon Prime partnership that started in August 2021 and will continue until February 2022. This allows users to claim not one but two free characters in FF Max.

Free Top Up Diamonds

Free Characters In FF MAX
Top Up

You can visit GPT (Get-paid-to) apps and sites to fill out surveys and take quizzes to win prizes. You can then withdraw the cash won and use it to buy diamonds, which can be used to get free characters in Free Fire Max.

Mobile gamers can also follow popular streamers on YouTube as they often give out diamonds as gifts.

You should be very careful about fake diamond generator sites, because using these sites to get free diamonds can result in a ban.

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Those are some ways to get free diamonds and characters on FF Max in 2022. If you want to top up FF diamonds legally and officially, you can buy them at VCGamers.

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