How to Download Stumble Guys on HP and Laptop, Easy!

how to download stumble guys

Stumbel Guys is one of the most popular games lately. But do you know how to download Stumble Guys which is easy and fast on cellphones and laptops?

Previously, Stumble Guys is a game or game based on a multiplayer battle royale system which is currently liked by many people.

Stumble Guys has several interesting features to make players feel at home playing this game.

Starting from a unique costume system to a collection of stages with different levels of difficulty.

This added to the excitement because there were 32 players who eliminated each other to win first place.

So, for those of you who are interested in playing this game, you can directly download this game via the Play Store or App Store on your cellphone.

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How to Download Stumble Guys on your cellphone

how to download stumble guys
Source: Play Store

Downloading this game is very easy. You can do it in just minutes.

How to? Follow the steps below:

Download and open the Stumble Guys application

The first thing you have to do is download the Stumble Guys application on your cellphone.

While waiting to download and play this game, use a stable internet network.

Now for those of you who use an Android cellphone, you can download Stumble Guys via the Play Store on your cellphone.

Meanwhile, if you are using iOS, you can download this game via the App Store on your cellphone!

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Select and Create a Room

After you have finished downloading the stumble guys game application, you can immediately play it.

You can play Stumble Guys together with friends by creating a new room.

It's easy, click the Party button with the mask icon, then select Create to create a new room. After that, a unique combination of numbers or room code will appear.

To be able to play with your friends, you can share the combination numbers.

As for how, click the Party button, enter the room code in the books on the right. After that you can play together with friends.

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Start Game

When the participants are complete, the stumble guys game can begin immediately. There are various challenges and obstacles that must be completed if you want to be the winner.

In addition, you can play games with other random players.

To do this, you just have to click Play at the bottom right of the start page. Next, wait for the arena to be selected, then you can start playing.

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How to play the Stumble Guys game on a laptop/PC

how to download stumble guys
Source: Play Store

After discussing how to download and play the Stumble Guys game on a cellphone, you also need to know that this game can be played on a laptop or PC.

Interested in playing this game on a laptop or PC? Here's how.

Download Emulator

The first thing you have to do is download the Android or iOS emulator.

Keyboard Configuration

If you have managed to download the emulator, the next thing you have to do is configure the keyboard.

Determine keyboard adjustments with commands while playing this game. Like, keyboard option A and space key to perform jump commands.

Don't forget to save the configuration that you specified earlier!

Download Stumble Guys

Connect your Google Play Store or App Store account to your laptop.

Next, download Stumble Guys like downloading on Google Play or Play Store.

Start Playing

Play this game as if you were playing on a cellphone. In the emulator application that you are using, just type Stumble Guyus: Multiplayer Royale.

Use the keyboard keys according to the configuration that has been done. The keyboard configuration is used as a replacement for the touchscreen on HP.

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So, that's an easy and fast way to download Stumble Guys which you can play on your cellphone and laptop.

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