Want Free Mobile Legends Heroes? It turns out that this is the way, it's really easy!

Want Free Mobile Legends Heroes

Do Vicigers friends want to get a free Hero at Mobile Legends? Turns out it's really easy, you know. Check out the explanation on this page to the end.

Purchasing a Mobile Legends hero in the game requires payment through in-game currency known as Battle Points or using diamonds. These can be purchased using real money.

The prices of some Mobile Legends heroes may be very expensive for players who lack Battle Points or Diamonds. The only way is to get it for free without the need to use expensive diamonds.

So, getting a free hero in Mobile Legends is very easy. If you are curious about what it looks like, please see the explanation below.

How to Get Free Mobile Legends Heroes

Take part in the Limited-time Event

Talking about Mobile Legends, of course there are always events available in the game. However, there are some rare Limited-time events.

This event allows players to get Mobile Legends heroes from the event for free without using Battle Points or Diamonds.

This event can be carried out by completing certain tasks in the game and loyal players will get special item rewards. These items can be exchanged for free heroes, skins, and many other prizes.

Fragments Shop

The Fragment Shop can be accessed under the section on the Shop tab in the game's Main Menu. This allows players to exchange in-game Hero Fragments with various Heroes.

Certain heroes such as Odette cannot be purchased directly from the in-game Shop using Battle Points and Diamonds. They can be purchased using Hero Fragments.

These Fragments can be obtained by players through in-game events and missions, as well as the Daily Video Chest which is available in the recommendations section of the Shop tab.

Gifts From Other Players

You can also receive heroes that have been purchased by other players and given to you. Usually as a gift for other players. It can be accessed under the Gift icon at the top of the Shop tab, players can use in-game diamonds and buy heroes and skins for other players.

Players can also request these heroes and skins under the 'Request Hero' and 'Request Skin' tabs. Good players usually like to give free heroes to other players. Try vicigers friends to ask the sultan player, maybe just give it.

Lucky Spin

Players can participate in Lucky Spin using in-game tickets for a chance to win various prizes in the Lucky Spin prize pool.

Usually updated every week with new prizes and heroes available for players to obtain through Lucky Spin. Free draw is also available for players after the free draw is updated.

In-game tickets can be obtained through various methods such as Video Chests, missions and events. And at the end of each season the player will get a prize based on the ranking obtained.

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Veterans Benefits

Finally, players can get free Mobile Legends heroes through Veteran Benefits which are received after players return to the game within a certain period of time.

The Veteran Benefits will allow players to get various prizes, including heroes, to encourage and return new enthusiasm for old players to spend more time in ML games.

Although this only applies to players returning to the game. It will be a pleasant surprise with lots of gift options for returning players.

Live Streaming Mobile Legends

The last way to get a free Mobile Legends hero is to do Live Streaming. One of the most effective ways to get free skins and heroes is Live Streaming Mobile Legends.

When you go live and the audience likes your live, usually they will give you free diamonds. You can exchange these free diamonds with heroes in Mobile Legends.

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So, that's the way to easily get Hero Mobile Legends for free. There are many ways you can use to get free heroes in Mobile Legends.

Of course, the method we provide above does not violate the rules. So, you don't need to worry and you can try it as you wish.

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