Heaven Travel, The Excitement of Wandering To "Heaven"

No need to rack your brain to play this latest game Heaven Travel. It is said that there was a little girl named Lofn in a mysterious meadow and found a memory tree at the end of her life. In order to save the tree, the character is determined to find the memory shards, one by one. Heaven Travel  is a fun fun game to play.

Game Full of Waiting

Heaven Travel  tells the adventures of the little girl Lofn, who originally wanted to save the memory tree, but gradually, she encounters the reality related to the life she lives. The story made by the developer Yan Square Heaven can indeed be described as exciting, where the player's wish is to be able to witness life in a different perspective than usual.

Heaven Travel  it can be said is a game that requires patience in waiting. Players are tasked with taking Lofn to find memory shards, then wait for him to return. The time needed is determined by the length of the trip required. It might take a while but it could also take a long time. Players really have to wait for that long which can be hours.

Lofn returned once the time was up, hauling up various items. These items can be in the form of memory shards that have various rarities from Normal, Rare, Super Rare, to Super Super Rare. It can also take the form of an item that comes from another planet, or it can even take the form of an alien creature that is following it. These creatures often ask for something, and if the player can make that request, the reward will be available automatically.

Fun Story

Every time you get a memory shard, the player Heaven Travel will be able to witness in a short time regarding Lofn's life in the tree of life. Found various scattered memory shards, all of which are very challenging to collect. Players will be able to find an interesting story that seems irrelevant, even though they are actually related to each other. Players may be surprised by the events that arise.

Pastel Style Visuals

Developer side Heaven Travel  succeeded in presenting a pastel-colored animation design to present the feel of being in a paradise that many people imagine. Various characters and objects in the game are depicted following their planetary origins, thereby creating the world of Heaven Travel that seems unique and truly special. Also supported by the presence of background music which can be said to be full of nuances of heaven. Naturally, this game uses the title Heaven Travel, which means Heaven's Journey.

Free games

Heaven Travel available free for mobile platforms. Interestingly, players don't even need to be connected to the internet to play it. The Microtransaction feature is available for players who want to shorten the game steps, namely paying Dandelion with real money with prices starting at Rp. 14 thousand – Rp. 139 thousand. It's quite expensive for an Android game, but with the fun you'll get, it won't hurt to buy the Dandelion.

Although it seems that Heaven Travel is a simple waiting game, it's just that there are its own complications that make it different from similar games. The options taken by players will have different results. Players can use souvenirs to shorten the waiting time. Then there is the Achievement mechanism, which can make each player able to find their own fun while playing Heaven Travel. Let's find the meaning of life in this exciting game.

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