Genshin Impact Unit Theory Gauge Guide, Definition and How to Calculate It!

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Hello Vicigers and fellows too traveler ! Has Vicigers ever heard some players talk about Gauge Unit Theory Genshin Impact?

Gauge Unit Theory is a theory developed among players, related to Elemental Reaction or elemental reactions.

This theory actually does not officially exist in games and also never announced by Genshin Impact.

The author thinks you must know the function of this Gauge Unit because it will greatly affect damage which you will generate from elemental reactions between characters in party you.

Without waiting for a long time, come on, Vicigers, read further the discussion on Genshin Impact Gauge Unit Theory!

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Gauge Unit Theory Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is famous for mechanics gameplay which focuses on the elemental used by the character.

You can indeed earn damage only with Physical DMG from Normal Attack.

However, damage the greatest of almost all characters comes from the elemental strength possessed by the character and of course from the elemental reactions.

This is also a big influence damage of the elemental reactions taking place.

Maybe you've had various incidents when you did a Vaporize or Melt reaction, results damage you don't big or you don't hit crit.

In fact, your Crit DMG and Crit Rate ratio is already good, and your Crit Rate is also high.

After being traced by veteran players, say for example the Twitter account Keqingmain or Ten Ten, this is due to the Gauge Unit earlier.

Gauge Unit will be very closely related to Elemental Aura, Decay, Elemental Reaction, and Internal Cooldown or ICD.

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What are Gauge Units?

gauge unit theory genshin impact elemental reaction
Elemental Reaction Chart (source:

In simple terms, the basic concept of Genshin Impact Gauge Unit Theory is the aura from elemental attacks and the gauge cost (Gauge Cost) from elemental reactions.

Elemental Gauge (Gauge Unit) is a unit of measurement theoretically tied to the application of elements from an external source, eg talents character.

This can be thought of as the strength or amount of elements that each character applies to enemies.

This unit gauge will affect the duration of the applied element i.e. elemental aura and how many reactions can be generated from the applied element.

The higher the Gauge Unit, the stronger the character element application will be against the enemy. 

This means that the elemental aura given by the character lasts longer, and the non-aura consumes more aura.

Elemental Aura

gauge unit genshin impact elemental skill trigger
Elemental Skill Klee (source: Genshin Impact)

A little explanation about Elemental Aura. Aura is a sign that there is an application of elements from an external source, such as talents character, attached to enemies and other objects after application.

The mark will usually appear near bar The enemy's HP, or on small enemies like Hilicurl there will be an elemental sign above the enemy's head.

For example, you use Elemental Skill Bennett. Above the enemy or near the enemy's HP bar there will be an image of Fire.

This indicates that the enemy is hit by Pyro Aura. If you give another element to the enemy who has been hit by Pyro Aura, an elemental reaction will occur.

Of the 7 elements in Genshin Impact, Anemo and Geo cannot apply Elemental Aura to enemies.  

Cryo, Dendro, Electro, Hydro, and Pyro are elements that can apply auras.

Generally, if one element is applied first and then the second element is applied before the first element expires, then the first element applies aura while the second element consumes a certain amount of aura. 

The amount of aura consumed depends on the measurements of the two elemental applications which are commonly called Elemental Reactions just now.

Internal Cooldown (ICD)

gauge unit theory genshin impact icd
Elemental Burst Yelan (source: Genshin Impact)

Can Elemental Aura always be given and attached to enemies? Of course not because it is influenced by existence Internal Cooldown (ICD).

ICD is the time of rest / pause owned by skills character to be able to provide Elemental Aura.

So even though you spam continuous elemental attacks, there is a certain time for Elemental Aura to attach to the enemy.

It's the same as the Cooldown for using Elemental Burst where you have to wait a certain duration to be able to use Elemental Burst again.


genshin impact elemental skill gauge unit

You must be asking, so what is the relationship between Elemental Aura and Unit Gauge.

In simple terms, the Unit Gauge is a value that determines how long an Elemental Aura will last on an enemy.

This Elemental Aura certainly wouldn't last forever. At a certain level, Elemental Aura will decay depending on the Unit Gauge value you have.

This process is known as decay or decay Decay

Decay itself has a decay rate or known as Decay Rate Heritance. 

How many rates the rate of Decay is determined by whether the Element used on the enemy is the same, or is the result of an elemental reaction.

For identical Elements, the Genshin Impact Unit Gauge value will be taken from the largest Unit Gauge, both Aura and the Element that triggers it.

For example, you use Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst Bennett then use Diluc which is a fellow element of Pyro.

This means that the length of time the Aura disappears will be affected by the Diluc or Bennett Unit Gauge, whichever is greater.

For Elemental Reactions, the Decay Rate will be different. The initial Elemental aura decay rate that gives it the first time until it is consumed by an elemental reaction with another element. 

How to Calculate Gauge Units

genshin impact elemental reaction table
Elemental Reaction Table (source: Genshin Impact Fandom Wiki)

After knowing all the definitions of Gauge Units and their relationship with elementals in Genshin Impact, of course, VCGamers will discuss their application.

There is a calculation of the Genshin Impact Unit Gauge that you also have to be able to calculate because each character will produce a different Unit Gauge

The following will discuss the notation used to describe the unit gauge application of a character's elemental attacks.

The value of the Elemental Gauge is usually 1, 2, or 4 units. This shows the character's ability to give/application elements.

Then, the Unit Gauge will affect the duration of the elemental aura to Decay. 

There are 3 different durations of the Decay Rate which are denoted by A, B, and C. Decay Rate A is 9.5 seconds, B is 6 seconds, and C is 4.25 seconds per unit.

The calculation of how long the Elemental Aura lasts uses the formula:

Duration = 2.5 E + 7 (seconds) 


 E = Unit Gauge Value

To find out the value of the Genshin Impact Unit Gauge each skills character, you can see dataset This is to calculate the duration.

Elemental Gauge calculation of elemental reactions will be different where using the formula:

E (total) = E (aura) – R x E trigger


 E = Unit Gauge Value

R = Reaction Modifier

The Reaction Modifier is a value that is affected by how you apply the element's reactions.

The order of the elements matters a lot damage from the elemental reaction. '

For example, you Vaporize with the Hydro application first, then Pyro. The damage dealt will be smaller than you apply Pyro to new Hydro enemies.

Likewise with other elements such as Melt if you apply Pyro first then Cryo will give damage which is small compared to Pyro's new Cryo.

The Reaction Modifier has fortunately been foreseen by players and produces the following numbers:

Reaction Type Reaction Modifiers
Strong Vaporize (Pyro then Hydro)  2,5
Vaporize (Hydro then Pyro)  0,625
Strong Melt (Cryo then Pyro) 2,5
Weak Melt (Pyro then Cryo)

0, 625

Overloaded and Superconducting 1, 25
Crystallize and Swirl 0.625 0, 625

This is an explanation of the Genshin Impact Theroy Impact Gauge Unit and how to calculate it.

Maybe for some this will be difficult to understand. However, play according to your wishes. If you don't think too much about it damage no problem and play with fun!

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